Atara loved Dubrovnik
loved the old city walls
the shops and cafés
the churches and narrow streets


she liked sitting
drinking coffee
outside the restaurant

reading her
Schopenhauer book
a cigarette held
between fingers
watching now and then
people passing


Naaman had gone
to see a few sites
he said
rid himself
of his hangover
more like
she mused
by the sea edge
of the previous night
and too much wine
or Silvovitz


she sipped her coffee
even sex
had to be aborted
room swaying
he pronounced
although it was doing
no such thing
least not
in her head
lying in bed
wanting to sleep
not sex


she heard him snoring
some time after
from the bathroom
sprawled on the floor


the Schopenhauer book
was good even if
somewhat pessimistic
with that Eastern perspective
regarding the Will
and negation


she sipped the coffee
once more
but held the mouthful
sampling the flavour
the sense on tongue
the sensation
on the inner skin
of cheeks
warm and wet
and strong
but not bitter


she swallowed
and smiled
better than
the attempted sex
or that achieved
in recent months
and days


she loved Dubrovnik
and Naaman too
but he must
she mused
inhaling smoke
change his ways.

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Lara sat
beside him


in the old
city of


sipping wine


better than
that coffee


you're drinking
is that so


he replied
gazing at


her beauty
in morning's


bright sunlight
yes it's so


and what's more


I'm ok
he boasted


even though
you kept me


from my sleep
with demands


for more sex
she sipped wine


small finger
sticking out


kind of posh
can't keep up?


he liked her
long red hair


the dark eyes
the red lips


sipping wine
the milky


coloured tits
yes I can


he replied
but she knew


that he lied
she had to


drag him from
his slumbers


wake up his
slack member


ease it in
to harbour


like a wrecked
old schooner


how's your dreams?
about me?


he sipped slow
his coffee


maybe so
he replied


maybe not
but she knew


that they were
he called out


in his sleep
no more sex


Lara dear
as he lay


on his back
his eyes closed


his member
once more slack


he knew it
knew he had


dreamed of her
her parted


fleshy thighs
and the lips


of her fruit
wanting him


one more time
more coffee?


she asked him
to keep you


from slumber?
I'm ok


he replied
want more wine?


she sipped slow
finger raised


not just now
I am fine


but she lied
he knew it


another night
coming up


more wine drunk
more sex talk


more kisses
but his mind


and member
just ready


just waiting
for slumber.


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