People Elsewhere Being Murdered By Our Tax Dollars



People Elsewhere Being Murdered By Our Tax Dollars 


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People around the world

are being murdered

by our tax dollars

not as thrown stones


turned into guns

and bombs and drones.

-saiom shriver-

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Cheap Whiskey in Bed

(after Black Coffee in Bed by Squeeze)

There's an empty arena
Where Obama once was,
There is too much confetti--
Now I've got myself lost.

I was writing to tell you
Of my feelings tonight--
But the noise and distraction
Have drowned the light.

With the way things are going
I can hardly contain
The hurt and the anger
As the things stay the same.

Someone recently fired
Hung himself from a tree--
While some passing onlooker
Said: "I'm glad it's not me."

Welfare, food stamps, recession--
Rebels turned to old farts,
Holding on to their pensions
And postmodernist art.

Yes, we are moving forward
To some dismal abyss--
Four more years of a conman
And more homeless bliss.

Christmas trees in the White House--
Fifty four trees in all--
Just more glitz and more glamor
Without a soul.

While they bomb poor countries
With remote controls--
Deaths of innocent children
Mean nothing at all.

While they dance in Hawaii,
Take some ocean cruise,
Freezing homeless bastards
Sleep in vomit and booze.

--Alexander Shaumyan
December 4, 2012


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