The Empty Park

Childrens Poetry



The park is empty now;

Silence demands your attention

As engrossingly does the noise:

Of over exuberrant shrieks and

Cries pervading the park's confine!


Overgrown, swaying in the wind, buttercups;

Cheerily push towards the blue sky.

A swaith of rippling daisies; alongside

The butterups grow reaching for the heavens too.

Many a daisychain made by children, decorates the park.


Swings moving in response to the wind.

See-Saw proudly angled high, awaiting

the next children to ride.

The slide solidily stands at the centre of the park:

With as many children climbing up as slides down it.


Adventure abounds in the park, as the young ones endeavour;

at this or that or the other, ride

and whilst encouraged to excercise and keepfit.

Some of the parents try; they are anything but fit:

Red face and bountious body masses, "have a go for the kids!".


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