#death row





The clouds roll in.


Like the muffled sounds

Heard in the night

Between cement walls

Marred with the words

Of those before him, swallowed

Into the chamber's belly.


He watches from across the pod,

The last morsel of barbequed ribs...finest cut,

A cloud of smoke from a puff of a last cigarette,

And an eerie calmness fills the air,

A stoic reverence shrouds

What he used to be,

Of many days passing time in a 6x9 space,

And for the last time,

They hear a voice they will never hear again,

It will be 'erased'.


The clamorous cell door,

A reminder of their own fate,

And the few gifted pieces

Of clothing speak too loudly

Of what storms rage silently 

In the minds and hearts of men.








Author's Notes/Comments: 



Inspired by Beavis "Quench"


Dedicated to the murdered, later proven innocent who spent their last days on death row.

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