He watched her put her feet into the water

as she sat upon the shore…

and he began to see her 

as he never had before.


He always thought she was beautiful

but seated by her side

with her face reflected in the water

he saw her beauty multiplied.


And in that very moment

(until then he hadn’t thought about it much)

he saw how she was like the water

soft and gentle to the touch.


He felt the magic in the water 

as it changed from colors green and blue

and he felt that same magic in her voice

her eyes

and in her smile too


And it made him smile as they sat there

together by the shore…

for he knew just like the water 


she was filled with mysteries to explore.

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You have to love the reasoning of a child.

You have to stand in awe…

You have to love it

Oftentimes I think that, as adults…

we could use a little more of it…


Their son saw magic everywhere

In ever cranny 

and every nook

When they asked how he sees so much magic

He smiled…


because I know where to look.

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The young boy said, “I don’t believe in magic…

I’ve never felt the thrill.”

The old man smiled as he squeezed his wife’s hand…


“One day, son, you will.”

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When their eyes first met he whispered to himself, 

“Some day I’m going to marry you.”

never imagining…

at that moment


she was whispering too.

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You are a Lover of Words

All and nothing


In all you say, eloquently,

With parted lip and sweet smile,

Hales a darkened force of guile,

That inner moves me most intently,



Long tall words spoken gently,

Spell bound by your easy style,

In all you say eloquently,

With parted lip and sweet smile,



Feeling love transcendently,

No potion from a witch’s vial,

Longed for moments arise a while,

Though sorrow follows subsequently, 

In all you say, eloquently.

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Bryan gave Teller a tour of the Biltmore when Penn and Teller were performing in NC

and Teller was astonished and elated…

So when our family went to Las Vegas this week…Penn and Teller reciprocated.


We got to meet and greet the two stars…take a few pictures and as for their show…

we got in for free….

and if that wasn’t enough to make our night grand…they sat us in the section marked VIP.


As our family watched the show on stage…as Penn and Teller put their magic through its paces…

I’d pause a moment every now and then to watch the magic on our family’s faces.


And I thought how love is also magical…

you have to watch closely because you can’t always be sure where it starts….

And you stare in a kind of cheerful wonderment 

as it plays tricks with your mind and your heart…


Love like magic has a certain progression…an evolution that makes both work so well

both have a way of mesmerizing…both put us under a spell.


Both are filled with wonder…both follow their own unpredictable routine

Both have us believing in something we can feel but something that can never be seen.


Like magic you don’t know where love comes from….

and you surely don’t know where it will go…

And like magic you don’ t need all the answers…

in fact, often, you don’t want to know.


As I watched our family watching the show…

as I saw amazement spill into their eyes

I thought how the magic of love…like magic…

is hidden in the unexpected…is found in the surprise.


While watching the magic of Penn and Teller with my family…

I suddenly became aware….

how much magic there is in love …

for when we have love…there is magic everywhere.


A magic that takes center stage…

and, like our seats that night, comes to us free…

Yes, love is what make our life feel magical…


for in love we are all VIP’s.

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