You said: you were interested at what you saw!

I smiled

You said: you wanted to get to know me!

So did I

You said: You liked my personality!

And I liked yours

You said: You liked me!

I liked you

You said: you wanted to still keep me interested!

I still was

You said: you wanted to give me what I wanted!

You already have

You said: you were so glad I was here and hugged me!

I was glad to be there with you

You said: at the beginning that I could trust you!

And I did

You said: our relationship will be magical!

And I believed

In the end you got what you wanted, and I eneded up with the thought of:

What could I have done to make it better?

When all I wanted: Was You!


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Awe. It so sweet and kinda

Awe. It so sweet and kinda sad in the end. :/ 

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Yes it is

I learn a lot from him so I regret meeting him. Wish things were different.

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