When we take candy away from a child…

chances are he will be riled…

and we we take a toy away

no telling what she’s going to say….

but on this one point you can rely

in either case…the child will cry.


He becomes upset…he can’t understand

why would we take candy from his hand?

She becomes distraught…she begins to stir

why would we take her toy from her?

This happens when we take something a child desires…

but what happens when we take something they require?


When we take a child from his Mom and Dad

chances are he will be sad…

chances are she does not know

the reason why we treat her so…

and I’m sure they do not understand

why we’ve ripped them from their parents’ hands….


America deserves to be vilified

when as a country we separate parent and child.

For how can a country that is supposed to be great

surrender itself to fear and hate

and close its borders to those in need

no matter how much they beg and plead?


And though there are many in our country willing to ignore their pleas

there are also many of us who disagree,

who feel when America is filled with hate

when we lose our compassion…we can’t be great.

Who know this will eventually take a toll…

because when we harden our hearts…


we lose our soul!

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