I was brought up believing in the American Dream…that every person in America…everybody…every soul…has the same opportunities to fulfill their hopes and wishes…to achieve their highest goals.


But for women and other Americans with a different color on their face…when it comes to the American Dream…this hasn’t always been the case.


There have been some Americans throughout our history who to other Americans have been more than just unkind…who have forgotten no-one created on this Earth should be enslaved, mistreated or left behind.


Which means the American Dream…the one instilled in us by our fathers and our mothers…

an never be called the American Dream even for some

if it’s been a nightmare for so many others.

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52 words written in 1787 and ratified in 1788 were meant to be a guiding light to make America great.


It began with certain concepts on the kind of country we should be.

With a hope these words would be self-evident throughout our history.


We the people…it begins…not I or you or me

They knew if we were to be a country…it had to start with We.


The knew we would not always agree…they knew this in their hearts

but they hoped our disagreements wouldn’t tear our country apart.


But they did tear us apart back in 1861…

Where we learned when you fight a war against yourself…

that war is never won.


It’s happening again today…which makes me wonder what would it take

to understand the lessons from our history and learn from our mistakes?


There are those out there now who think this country is great…

There are those of us who disagree….

that there is no way we can be great until the two sides become We.


That if we can’t resolve these differences…our democracy will be gone

and the 52 words meant to guide us 

won’t be worth the paper they were written on…


It’s ironic those 52 words that began this country…

of this there is no doubt

are unable to be read…

when we turn our own lights out.

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I once thought the soul of our nation was a mix of colors 

A mix of colors shining bright

but I was wrong…the soul of our nation is the absence of color

the soul of our nation is white.


(Which is crazy when you think about it…I mean that statement can’t be right

because there’s not a person in this land who’s DNA is purely white!)


Still, I falsely thought since my life was easy…since I was safe and free

that everyone in America…had it as good as me.


What made me realize my mistake…what made me start to seethe

was when George cried out for his Momma…

when George yelled, “I can’t breathe.”


It was when I watched a white man deliberately take a black man’s life

and I thought, “How can we be so unkind?”

It was when I saw the pain and sorrow grip the world

It’s when I saw the friends and family he left behind.


I am sorry it has taken me so long…to hear over 200 years of pleas…

from the Indian reservations to the slave ships on the seas…


How could I have ignored them?

They’ve been pleading every day…

but now that I have heard them…I know they’ll never go away


Nor should they…for it’s time we listen to their pleas

It’s time we make some changes…before our time is gone

It’s time in the battle for our nations soul…to decide what side we’re on.


And perhaps we’ll find when we put an end to their over 200 years of hell

in saving the soul of our nation

we’ll have saved our souls as well.

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Supply and Demand

The supply of good jobs

in America is low for educated

well paying livable wage positions


But the demand is high is for wage

slave, low pay, high work load

inhuman type robot positions


An education will get you very little in

this world ran by freemasonic  and Jewish trash


America is a prison of evil,

of unfair, inhuman conditions


You have to try make your own way in this world

and try to make the best of it with the lmited

amount of avenues available

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It’s been years since 9/11

they’re much older now…and grey

but they remember every moment

as if it happened yesterday:



Three old fire fighters regularly meet at the corner…

telling their story to anyone who’ll listen

They narrate with such intensity…

the sweat on their brows will glisten.


A young boy asked them this question…

(with his mother hoping it wouldn’t upset them)

“Do you keep repeating your stories,” he asked

“so you will not forget them?”


“No laddie.” one of the men chuckled…

“your thinking’s misbegotten…

It’s not so we won’t forget.” he said.


It’s so it’ll never be forgotten.”

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Everybody has a point of view to express…that’s one of the joys of being free.

But what happens in a country when two sides completely disagree?


We end up fighting a war of words with both sides jockeying for position.

We end up far from a united country but a country in transition.


One side thinks our president is wonderful…they are his loyal devotees.

The other side…well let’s just say the other side…wholeheartedly disagrees.


One side would like to see some gun control…any measure however small.

The other side says if you take one of our guns then you might take them all.


One side says we need to do away with abortions…in all life we must rejoice.

The other side says this a heart-wrenching decision and should be the woman’s choice.


One side thinks their God is the only God…no matter where on Earth you wander.

The other side thinks that in this world there are many Gods to ponder.


One side holds up the teachings of their God as a reason to discriminate.

The other side thinks all people are equal in a world any God would create.


One side says there is no global warming and scientific arguments they doubt.

The other side says we need to listen to the scientists…that our time is running out.


One side says the Earth is just another resource…we are only like bees taking honey from the hive

The other side says we can’t mistreat the Earth…she is the reason we’re alive!


One side says we have an immigrant problem…it frustrates…it enrages

They say we need to be tougher…they have no problem putting people in cages.


The other side agrees we have a problem…but says our principles have gone astray

We need to find a better solution…we cannot treat people this way.


When we have two sides so diametrically opposed…then no solution can arise

when they cannot find a middle ground…they can see no compromise…


We end up with each side thinking they are right…while the other side disagrees.

One side believes they are fighting a civil war…the other…a war for civility.


We all know where we stand on these issues…on which side we belong…

I guess history will ultimately show us…

who is right…

and who is wrong.


One thing I might remind each side…whatever your point of view…


Our children are not only watching but learning from what we do

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A Look At Where The Worst Drivers In America Are State By State

In America, some states have a lot more car accidents than others. This holds true even when taking into account different population numbers. There are many reasons for this including weather and some states just having more aggressive drivers. In this article, we'll look at the average number of car accidents per state.

Where the worst and best drivers in America live


This article from 2018 ranks the states in regards to where the worst drivers in the United States live. They used data from the United States Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to compile this list.

The states were ranked according to five criteria. these were speeding, drunk driving, the fatality rate per 100 million miles driven, careless driving, and failure to obey traffic laws.

The best state for car accidents was Iowa. The drivers in this state were ranked among the best across the board. Minnesota is the second best state when it comes to drivers. They did well in most categories but it was the rate of drunk driving that pushed them to second place.

The second worst drivers in the nation are in Arizona. The stat that stands out is that 182 pedestrians and bicyclists were killed by drivers in 2015. Montana, though, has the worst drivers in the United States. They are the worst when it comes to obeying traffic laws and second-worst for fatalities. They didn't do well in the other categories, either.

Major causes of accidents


When it comes to car accidents there are a number of reasons why they occur, as this article details. The age of drivers is a big factor, especially in Florida where a lot of retirees live. Many accidents are the result of elderly drivers continuing to operate cars when they really shouldn't be doing so anymore.

In all other states, it is teenage drivers that cause a high rate of accidents. People's brains aren't fully formed until about age 25 so younger people operate cars without being fully capable of doing so. They make rash decisions and can act impulsively which lead to accidents.

Another big factor is careless and distracted driving. Government statistics show that one out of three car accidents is caused by a driver not paying attention to the road around them. The worst culprit is using their smartphones while driving which is as bad as driving drunk.

The 10 most dangerous states to drive in


While the number of fatal car accidents has declined in recent years it still happens far too often. This article lists the 10 states with the most fatal accidents. They used numbers from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety to compile this list.


The tenth worst state for fatalities per 100,000 in population is Louisiana. This state had 737 deaths in 2014. The next worse was South Dakota with 136 deaths. Alabama is 8th worst followed up by South Carolina and then Oklahoma. North Dakota is in fifth place while New Mexico is in fourth.


The third worst state for deaths on the road was Montana, a state that until recently didn't even have speed limits. Mississippi is in second place with 607 deaths in 2014. The worst state for deaths is Wyoming where 150 people died in 2014. Only 79% of people wear seatbelts in this state and many people died with blood alcohol levels above 0.08.

Where to find insurance quotes


As accidents are going to happen people are required to have liability insurance on their vehicles. This company provides cheap auto insurance online quotes through multiple insurance companies. They provide free insurance quotes and have been in business since 1997. On average they save people $400 annually on their car insurance and it only takes six minutes to fill out the information they need to save you money.

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When we take candy away from a child…

chances are he will be riled…

and we we take a toy away

no telling what she’s going to say….

but on this one point you can rely

in either case…the child will cry.


He becomes upset…he can’t understand

why would we take candy from his hand?

She becomes distraught…she begins to stir

why would we take her toy from her?

This happens when we take something a child desires…

but what happens when we take something they require?


When we take a child from his Mom and Dad

chances are he will be sad…

chances are she does not know

the reason why we treat her so…

and I’m sure they do not understand

why we’ve ripped them from their parents’ hands….


America deserves to be vilified

when as a country we separate parent and child.

For how can a country that is supposed to be great

surrender itself to fear and hate

and close its borders to those in need

no matter how much they beg and plead?


And though there are many in our country willing to ignore their pleas

there are also many of us who disagree,

who feel when America is filled with hate

when we lose our compassion…we can’t be great.

Who know this will eventually take a toll…

because when we harden our hearts…


we lose our soul!

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When I was young I was told America was great!

It was the country I adored…

I believed America was the greatest country in the world…

I don’t believe that anymore.


Can we call ourselves a great country

this America we’re living in…

when people are discriminated against

because of the the color of their skin?


Can we call ourselves a great country

or have we all been marred

when people are discriminated against

for who they love and who they are?


When you stop to think about it…

Can we call this country great

when some people use their religion 

to justify their hate?


Where we forget our servicemen and women…

Where we don’t even make a fuss

or fight to take care of the very people

who fight to take care of us.


When money is more important than the environment,

more important than our oceans and our seas

more important than the animals

more important than the trees?


Where we don’t have health car for everyone.?

Where we don’t welcome everyone to our shore?

Where there is still a huge discrepancy

between those who are rich…and those who are poor?


Where unimaginable numbers have been murdered

as each new killer tries to top it…

Where we say how sorry we are at the family’s loss…

but do nothing at all to stop it.


And now…this latest horror…

our country is inflicting this harm…

by ripping babies and children

from their immigrant mother’s arms…


When I was young I was told America was great.

back then life was such a blur…

And though I knew we had some problems

I truly thought we were….


But I don’t believe that anymore

Although in my heart I hope and pray it…

Now I believe if America is ever to be great


we must to do more than say it.

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