He landed in the tree the two of us were sitting under

a lonely cardinal…red

Immediately we began to wonder:

Is that a relative whose dead?


Because we both are aware of the platitude

when you see a cardinal near

you should be filled with gratitude

it means an angel has appeared.


The platitude does not say with any certainty

(Which in the end I think is a plus)

as to which relative that might be

It leaves that decision up to us.


I closed my eyes…without a care

and in that moment I felt glad

glad there was a cardinal there

to make me think about my dad


I looked over at my wife

happiness on her face shown

as the person with whom I share my life

was lost in a memory of her own.


We sat in silence as he flew away

not a word between us….said

certain he had other visits to make that day..

our lonely cardinal…red.


For is that not the beauty of this bird?

Is that not his destiny?

To appear silently…without a word


and awaken a memory.