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By JFarrell


The rich get richer

While the poor starve;

Politicians and columnists

Blame immigrants and benefit ‘scroungers’;

Councillors pocket fat brown envelopes

While they sell off the country at bargain prices;

Our leaders condemn the war in the Middle East

While selling guns and missiles to both sides.


I used to wake up and get drunk

Get stoned, blind myself to what was going around me;

I was part of the disorder, the chaos

I was happy to waste away, become part of the ever-growing detritus;

Now, I am awake, I see and I am very very angry.

This is not how the system should be;

Especially here, in the West.

We have a responsibility, a duty

To make an ordered system that works

For everyone;

Not just the privileged.


I am responsible,

We are responsible;

As insignificant as I am

I have to get involved;

Even if it’s just handing out sandwiches to the homeless,

I cannot sit back any longer;

I must act, I must do something to change the system,

To bring proper order to this system;

I must act

To stop the entropy.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

we can do something

Some Drabbles Combined to Make ONE PROSE

Truth equals lies


 And to die is to live


 How can one say that you want to quit


 Chasing dreams but never creating it


 Never turn back from the one true order


 Way back when


 When the world was in order


 Now, go back to sleep


 You ignorant sheep


 Stay quietly


 In your sleep of idolatry


Tomorrow is never guaranteed


Life is just a passing scene


The truth is just but a small mustard seed


You say idiots know the truth


But how can they be idiots but be used as tools?


Tools that can be used for informing fools


To spread not only truth but rules?


Rules no man has yet to understand


What God has in stored for them


A plan, hard yet worth the hate that escalates


This world that has no shame


Yes, imbeciles are indeed sinners but who to say


If we are all just sinners?


Slaves to our inner beasts


Succumbed to our worldly deeds


Our revolutionary




Mission to save the many souls


In this cruel world


Tomorrow is never guaranteed


Yes, life is just a passing scene


Why wait until you're old and grey


I hear kids today often say


"I just wanna do me"


This fight for freedom


Feels everlasting


The devil waits for no one


A spiritual battle is among us


But we are too blind to see


And that is why Disciples are among us


Won't you join us?


For you it might be a bore


 For me, the Christian life isn’t a chore

 I do it freely because I know what God has in store

 I don’t have control over my future anymore

 For my father in heaven knows what’s good for me

 He cares and knows me deeply

 As so he does all of us

 He lets us do what we want freely

 So that we may go to him when it’s needed

 To be part of Him, It may feel like a chore

 And sometimes we would like to ignore

 Our calling is what makes us more

 Ever since I left my old life behind

 He has brought life back into my eyes

 I have new friends, old ones left behind

 They swine because I don’t smoke dimes

 I don’t drink or sleep around

 It’s hard, yes but it’s worth it

 This test

I see that life has carved wisdom into your words and mind


To be humble enough to know that none of us know the true answer that keeps us in line


That only God knows


He doesn’t want us to know everything


Because we can't comprehend His meaning of life


Life that is so overdone by society


We try to see what we want to see


But no one really knows that we are just lost in our own


Understanding of what we think life is


Can't you see?


I hope this isn't too complicated


Just wanted to express what God truly is


Not imaginative


A voice


A reason


Let's hope we can continue this


How far have you gone to know God?


Do you really want to abandon your comfort zone?


It'll make you uncomfortable


To know that what the world has brainwashed us to believe


This society, too oblivious to see


The damage we do


The devil is among us, don't you know?


Don't go just yet, I know this was just supposed to be a test


But now I am curious about your next steps


What will you do next?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Tell me if they all go together, I combined some drabbles and made them into ONE :D

Better you, better me

Better you, better me

By helping other people to find essence
of their life
You gonna find yours
Ask no reward
In search for meaning of life
Give them and they will give to you
Show them how to be better persons
Uplift them when they fall
Rise yourself above intolerance
Be wise
Be smart
Start to evolve
From single minded
Self pitting being
You are here for others
And they are for you
Every single living soul
Deserve to be better
Just show them how
Teach them how to think
not what to think
Teach them how to survive
This game called life
Show them how to open their minds
For new paradigms
Old laws of nature
How to love animals and plants
How to show gratitude for earth
that we walk on
How to cheers every single new day
How to celebrate blue sky
Upon our heads
How to don’t be money on their
banc accounts
How to don’t worship dead
material things
How to be happy that they are alive
Every life is worth
There is no destiny
Only one
That we make ourself

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