By JFarrell


The rich get richer

While the poor starve;

Politicians and columnists

Blame immigrants and benefit ‘scroungers’;

Councillors pocket fat brown envelopes

While they sell off the country at bargain prices;

Our leaders condemn the war in the Middle East

While selling guns and missiles to both sides.


I used to wake up and get drunk

Get stoned, blind myself to what was going around me;

I was part of the disorder, the chaos

I was happy to waste away, become part of the ever-growing detritus;

Now, I am awake, I see and I am very very angry.

This is not how the system should be;

Especially here, in the West.

We have a responsibility, a duty

To make an ordered system that works

For everyone;

Not just the privileged.


I am responsible,

We are responsible;

As insignificant as I am

I have to get involved;

Even if it’s just handing out sandwiches to the homeless,

I cannot sit back any longer;

I must act, I must do something to change the system,

To bring proper order to this system;

I must act

To stop the entropy.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

we can do something