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I watched the soft light cherry bloom
fall slowly from the new sprung branch
And held my gaze so lonely groomed
To the glowing phase of happenstance


I watch the sun shine through the sky,
from behind the clouds so far away
and the tall mountains the sun falls behind
and somberly passes through time of day

I think about the slipping of time
slowly passing through my shaking hands
and about the ticking rhythm and the rhyme


which passes, unabated, to the dark night

Yet I gaze at the flower, and is known as afar
that the light through the petals, will melt into stars.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A more traditional sonnet about being dumbstruck when looking at nature and thinking about your place in it. 

I just kind of found this on my computer and thought I'd share it since I'm new and just want to get some stuff out there.  

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Leaves littered through black roads

Interrupting Her humble abode,

Cutting like a surgeon's knife

Vericose veins on a virgin wife,


Her lungs, no longer whole

Wheeze, blackened by sulfur and coal

Pillaging Her and taking ours

Marching Her to the final hour


Tempest and Mother a like

King and serf tremble at Her might

Violent, will be the end

Reclaiming Her once again


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Haven't written in over a year. Trying to get back in the swing of things. I'm unsure about the final stanza. Any and all feedback is appreciated.

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The girl with the flower

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A little girl stood in my garden

and plucked a flower without my pardon

as I watched her from the shade

quietly observing the flower's beauty fade


Then I bid her to come hither

as she too watched the flower wither

and asked her if it won't have been better

to leave the flower in its mortal tether?


The little girl pondered on this problem

as she sadly watched the wilting blossom

an assumption she was wrong in making

that the flower's beauty was for taking


Our history is full of countless facts

consequences of our thoughtless acts

if only man could be inspired

to stop and think before an act transpired


The girl wished that she had the power

to turn back time and revive the flower

so giving her some seeds, and my pardon

I watched hope replanted in my garden

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The Lady

The lady through forest and glade she came.
Her occult knowledge of seasons and signs from the sun
Would confuse most living men, 
Instilling the strangest fear now and then,
And wandering darkly one night 
Through the dampened forest, devoid of sight,
She could be found quite often,
Initially cold but soon softened, 
She could take you along to walk beside her,
Flowing through groves of ash or fir,
And wade in silence, taking the air, 
And comment on the scent, sweet and fair,
Of the pine or spruce, and hearing a bird, 
Would explain from some book in which she heard 
About this animal - or was it another? 
It did not matter, walking under cover.
She did not care for fact or detail, 
But pursued beauty even in wind and hail, 
Looking only for the sounds, the smell - ah! The smell! 
Such magnificence I never could tell.
But she could, without any utterance
the depth, the feeling, the filling substance,
Of the land which surrounded us we never saw.
No winter frost, no mid-spring thaw.
No! We could not see for we were blind
To the wonders around of every kind.
Looking inward we saw very limited,
But the lady, with a special talent gifted,
Saw life simply and in the land beauty, 
In the one who killed her: none of the cruelty.
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love nature , love life

Autumn is on it's way, a bird song in my ear.

Weeping willows and reeds sway to the rhythm of the breeze.

Fishermen fish clear waters ahead as boats drift by.

The shadows of lingering clouds cast upon the waters edge.

Dragonflys the colour of green


Freedom I feel sitting on the sloping river bank, lying down feet streched

to meet the waters edge.

The fragrance of flowers, the shades of green, the warmth of the sun, a breeze

to cool.


Tranquility in my being overwhelm my senses.

 I gaze to the sky, in wonder of natures beauty, as time loses it's meaning.

 My heart feels melchlony as the thought of summer nearing it's end.

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Blessed Fate.

The first raindrop on my nose tip
Landed after her long-fated trip! 
A crystal crown at first-fall emerged, 
And many a rainbows blossomed! 
Sending chill shivers into my sinews, 
Marrows, veins and soul centers, 
Made my eyes seal and arms raise
To the heavens, sending prayers
For her, me and surrounded mates! 
Blessing my lips, chin and neck, 
Took her abode in my bosom, 
For, her mission immortal is over! 
As the morning zephyr pronounced, 
She has been in void's cocoon 
Since ages attaining this form; 
Sun's lusty desire on Ocean, 
Turned on her pent-up passion, 
A tender flake of cloud was born! 
As any other form of life in nature, 
She too had miles to traverse, 
To know her fate and nature. 
The crystalline mistress of all 
Invaluable substances ever born! 
Harnessing for this ethereal, 
But ephemeral flight, on order
Of the most Benign Being, 
She sent praises in profusion. 
How could she be in delights
Knowing fate since ages! 

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After the Storm

Art and Nature

A vision high and so enchanting
Of sunlight off rainbow slanting
Minuscule droplets rays refracting
Light expanding and retracting

Through prism lens colors bending
To form a rainbow spectrum blending
An eternal arch of hopeful wonder
Beginning at the end of thunder

A cherry sun and ethereal hue
A rain washed world in colors new
In bright, surreal shades of green
And picture perfect sky serene

When nature turns her hand at art
There is no other quite so smart!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is just an uplifting, inspiration poem I want to share with everybody!!

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Swan Haiku

Haiku Poems



Cader river - stones.

Also a broken stool.

Condem the culprit.


A nearby farmyard.

Boyde Farm it is known as.

Has stable and barn.




Fleeing skunk to stable.

The swan is waterborne too.

Head bowed - searching.


Sour skunk in sour mood.

Beware fleeing skunks rear end.

Skunk is not afraid.


Swan visits stable.

Sighing, she delivers brood.

And looks for food.


When swan is away.

The skunk investigates!

Surprised by "chirrup".


Of breaking eggs!

A meal at last for me?

Busy swan scurries back.


Outrage; skunks intent!

Quaking and flapping her fear.

Downy swans appear.


Small and fluffy.

Staying together for warmth.

Mother delighted.


Newborn scent pervades.

Mother snuggles her young brood.

And counts six young.


"Chirrup"; swans chirp.

Each excited at their mum.

Gathering to her.


Taste of newborn.

Is as, bedding of straw nest.

Mixed with droppings.


White and serene:

Swans have white furry coats.

They have yellow beak.


Busy swan mother.

Collecting food for brood.

Soon they learn to swim.


The chicks are named.

Down to the river they go.

Floating on river.


Swans diving for food.

Tit bits in the murky depths.

Paddling the river.


Serenly floating.

 In Cader river this noon.

Gracefully gliding.


Author's Notes/Comments: 



Swans are so graceful and look so peaceful at a river setting.

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It's a beautiful day,

The sun shines ,

Birds are singing ,

Skies are blue 

Everything's alive! It's true!

I'm just happy...

Positive feelings are dominating!

My heart is rising 

It's just so good

It's like a dream ,

All my wishes came true.

It's a beautiful day ,

I'm...alive ! 

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