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The Music of Lyrics

Lyrics can sing a beat of meaning,

Vocalizing words that shed tears.


Expression symbolizes reality,

Crying from the language of remembrance.


Tranquility or pain awakens with the music,

Telling a tale filled with emotions.


Let the song represent purpose,

 As the tune is the spark for motivation.

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Missing the People We Love

We feel like a puzzle piece is missing,

Saddened that the picture isn’t intact.


Time and effort was spent on a cause,

Building a foundation out of love.


We can’t see the whole photo,

But that doesn’t mean it’s incomplete.


The entire image is alive in our hearts,

 A portrait no person can steal from us.

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When Everything Else Has Failed

When everything else has failed,

Hope goes completely down the drain.


You drown in own misery—

Letting the currents pull your body further into the ocean.


Right before you drown to death,

You realize the value of a precious life,

So you swim back to the beach,

And keep living another day—fighting for a solution.

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Worst Case Scenario

We prepare for the deadly fall,

Ready to be knocked out.


Our fears are consumed with losing,

Dwelling on the ultimate defeat.


Negativity controls the mind,

Causing pessimistic views.


Realism must conquer discouragement,

Expecting two possible outcomes.


If we are beaten by the enemy,

 Recovery is an accomplishable task.

When they Say You Can’t, You Can

Barriers are created by humans,

Using images to say why you can’t.


Hurdles are meant to be jumped over,

But are put in place to create challenges.


Telling you there is a time limit,

That the obstacle course is too hard.


Saying you don’t have enough talent,

Instructing you to pursue another goal.


Use the negative voice as motivation,

It’s the spark that will help achieve success. 

When Losing is the Only Option

Perfection says to win every battle,

But the opponent is too strong.


Your sword falls to the ground,

Powerless against the enemy.


Trying to retreat from combat,

Wounded in the line of duty.


Condemned by the ego,

Pride suffers from a powerful hit.


Surrendering to the war of cause,

 When losing is the only option.

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When Waking Up Feels Meaningless

Self-dignity surrenders to cause,

Giving up on the meaning of life.


No purpose can’t spark a dream,

So people hide in the isolated mattress.


Negativity controls the mind,

Leading to a state of depression.


The battle for happiness is brutal,

Fighting for the most important emotion.


Determination is the stimulate for living,

Starting with the first step out of bed.



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The Tendency to Sin

The perfection clause doesn’t apply,

Yet we struggle to be flawless.


Society demands perfectionism,

But the perfect human ceases to exist.


We are all sinners in an imperfect world,

In a universe that is filled with faults.


Immorality is part of the individual,

A mind which consists of defects.


Misdeeds will prevail in this life,

As wrong acts continues to thrive.


The soul can live based on virtue,

Following a path where dignity rules.


Even though we can’t be perfectionist,

Striving to be finest person is enough. 

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Challenging Decisions

Challenging decisions are complicated,

As verdicts of conclusions are brutal.


Finding the route is confusing,

Following the rules that society set.


Tricky barriers block the road to progress,

Causing difficult choices on the street.


Rational thinking is necessary to consider,

Using judgement to dictate the proper trail.


The journey to the outcome will succeed,

 If principles are guided with virtuousness. 

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