baby's death

Random Thoughts

Faith Angel

I hear a baby cry
and I made a little sigh
something tugs at my heart
as i sadly remember
the little soul i cherish
in my bosom now banish
they said it was a blessing
coz you won't be suffering
had i made a mistake
that put your life at stake
i hope it wasn't the case
because baby how can i forgive
when all i want is you
and everything i will do
to love you and cherish
and hold you in my embrace
it's been quite a while
since i had a cry
and today i had this feeling
that i saw you smiling
and it made me smile too
because i miss you sol

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Faith Angel

At times, I was wondering
What God has planned
For taking you away
Even before you were born.

I love you and wished you were here
But God loves you even more
Who am I to question Him
Whose love for us is beyond compare

I can never hear you cry
I can never hold you tight
I can never sing you a lullaby
And I hadn’t kiss you goodbye

I don’t know when the sadness be gone
They said it will be over soon
The grief would slowly begin to ease
Though, it’s something I must face.

I know you are happy
But letting you go is killing me
Here on earth you can't stay
Coz in heaven, you're safe and merry.

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The Visit

Faith Angel

T’was raining again today
When we went to visit you
Raindrops fall like soft pearls
On your resting place, they covered.

The bouquet was still there
Clean and crisp like morning air
Though the candles were gone
We lighted for you a new one.

When I close my eyes
How I wish to see your face
When I hold your flowers
How I wish to hold you in flesh.

I shall see you again in my dreams
In my memory you will always remain
It was never so easy
Thoughts of you so far away.

I cried but I am happy
I had an angel and a baby
In heaven where you can play
But it was so sad visiting you today.

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My Faith, My Angel

Faith Angel

I will never be able to hold you
Like I dreamed of doing so
Little toes and tiny fingers
Will never be mine to hold dear.

You are the fourth in the line
Yet I only have one.
The two were taken away so soon
Only in you, I was allowed to mourn.

From day one, there’s only the two of us
Alone to fight and fight to survive
I was told you were having a hard time
But I pray that you will hold on to be fine.

Oh, Baby, I am so sorry
Mama was not able to keep you
Papa God has made plans for you
With Him in heaven, you will play.

The day I was told you were gone
T'was raining hard, my tears were drowned
The Doc said I should be happy
I had an angel so far away.

I dreamed before and I dreamed after
Of you and of what you will be then
Though I never was able to hold you tight
I saw you with curly hair and dressed in white.

My Baby, please remember
Your mama love you so dear
I will always keep you near
Deep in my heart, forever.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is for the memory of Faith Angel.

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