coping with grief



Little hearts learning
Things that shouldn’t be taught
Of ghastly monsters
Innocence has been lost
Too much grief to measure
Tiny people we treasured
Little hands stopped in time
Is there meaning to this crime?
More candles then fingers can count
Atrocities shall not be forgotten
Let us somehow learn and try to surmount
This other day to live in infamy
The worst we have seen
Now known as Twelve-Fourteen.

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Faith Angel

At times, I was wondering
What God has planned
For taking you away
Even before you were born.

I love you and wished you were here
But God loves you even more
Who am I to question Him
Whose love for us is beyond compare

I can never hear you cry
I can never hold you tight
I can never sing you a lullaby
And I hadn’t kiss you goodbye

I don’t know when the sadness be gone
They said it will be over soon
The grief would slowly begin to ease
Though, it’s something I must face.

I know you are happy
But letting you go is killing me
Here on earth you can't stay
Coz in heaven, you're safe and merry.

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