As Mother Sleeps

As Mother Sleeps (Mother, Chair, Sleeping)

A big, comfy chair
sits in the corner of the room,
I sat in this chair, as a child
smelling my mother's, sweet perfume.

My mother looked after me
the best way she knew how,
she clothed and fed me
I'm all grown up now.

She sits in her comfy chair
and stares out the window,
lets the heat of sun warm her
thankful, for what God has bestowed.

Mother is much older than I
I'm thankful for the life she gave,
teaching me the values of life
even though, we had to scrimp and save.

Her eyes become extremely weary
my heart she had been gently reaping,
she relaxes in her comfy chair
I'm quite, as she sits sleeping.

Copyright © Cynthia Jones