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ALzheimer's is

caused by

ALuminum cookware, deodorants, foil, cans


ALL amyloid plaque, contained in meats and fishes



AL Gore

AL Schweitzer

AL Einstein

ALexander Pope

ALec Baldwin

AL Sharpton

in leaving behind the meat fish which cause Alzheimer's.


  -saiom shriver-



36 causes of Alzheimer's

Amyloid Plaque and Alcohol and Alzheimer's

Alcohol and Alzheimer's


Dear Alzheimer's


Left me blank

Jumped off the plank

In waters deep

My thoughts left me

I'm drowing here

No comforts near

Darkness surrounds

As I drown

A light flickers on 

On the edge of dawn

A place thats white

Doesn't feel right

The color seeps in

I know whats  been

The past is clear



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Lost and Alone

I'm wandering through the night,
lost and all alone.
I'm not quite sure
where I am or
where I was going.

I'm walking around,
and am feeling really cold.
I think I was looking for someone,
or maybe I was....

I am sure that
I was looking for my friend!
That's right!
We were going to meet up.

I wonder why it's so cold.
My hands are freezing.
Why is it so cold?
My hands are freezing.

Hello there Mrs.
Oh, okay,
into your car we go.
You're going to help
me find my friend!

In the backseat of
the car is two girls.
They are taking my hands.
Wow, they're hands are so warm.
Are they sick?
It's not cold outside,
the silly kids.

Why is she driving around?
Where are we going?
What is she doing?

The older girl is saying something
about another old lady,
about having to find the friend.
Whose friend are they talking about?

It's really warm in the car.
Is it summer time?
It's dark outside.
I thought it was daytime.

The lady needs a phone
to call someone,
oh, she wants to call the police.
Maybe to tell them about
their friend that they are looking for?

I ask where their house is,
and she tells me it's just up the street.
She drives up to a house,
and the older kid gets out and
runs inside.
I wonder what she's getting.

She comes back out with a phone.
I wonder who they're going to call.
We're all right here!
We don't need a phone!
Hahaha! They are funny people.

The mother is on the phone now.
I'm talking with the younger kid.
You have such warm hands!
The mother is talking to me again.
Oh, you want to know my age?
Oh, I don't know.
I turn to talk to the younger kid.
She has such warm hands!

Now the lady is off the phone.
I wonder who she was talking to.
It's really warm in this car.
Is it summertime?

Now a nice man is at the car,
oh, I'm to go with him?
I get to go with this man in uniform.
Who were those people?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about this old woman that my mother, my sister, and I found stumbling around on a cold winter day, at the end of the street for our neighborhood. She was freezing, and talking about how she was meeting up with a friend, but that she couldn't find her. It was a terrifying and very sad situation, and we found out that she had Alzheimer's, the poor lady. We got a policeman to come and he took her to find her family.
This poem is just a little depiction of what I think she might have been thinking. Hope you like it!

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