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Killer Queen

Killer Queen


His presence took us a way,
Far from tie your mother down..,
Freddie we love you still
I want to ride my bicycle
Crystal clear in this think called love
From the childhood to adulthood
I’ve never got bored of the voice,
Like people have coffee to start their day,
I have your voice, I need it,
In my own way

one lock the door..,
cause love won't leave you alone
He wants to break free

From the different voice rages you could do,
From rock, punk, opera, heavy metal and pop,
No-one could sing like you, no-one
You have the power to sing,
A make something in every song.
You are my inspiration to write,
My thoughts and words who I want to be,
Some people think it’s weird,
But Freddie you are special,
To me.

You’ve made the whole world happy,
An forever people still think of you,
From all different ages,
People still love you,
Only because you are Freddie Mercury


Counting to Ten

I heard that if you are freaking out the best thing to do is  to take a breath and count to ten. So here it goes... *inhale* *exhale* ONE: I miss you... TWO: I can't stop thinking about you. THREE: Why did you have to decorate my room? FOUR: I stopped following you on facebook, because your updates only trigger me. FIVE: I hate being just friends. SIX: Friends can text without feeling like they are a failure. SEVEN: My hand is tattooed with the number of days that have passed since i could call you mine. EIGHT: I see you in my dreams. NINE: I don't sleep well anymore. TEN: If i see another white car im going to scream TEN: Why the hell are there so many white cars? TEN: This isnt helping! TEN: I look at your posts anyway! TEN: And i have seen that you are back with your ex. TEN: I go out and try to live my life but everything i do is for you TEN: I can't count when im emotional TEN: I can't do this anymore. *inhale* *exhale* TEN: Goodbye...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is meant to be spoken. However, i felt like sharing this online and just googled a site and this one came up.

The Nightmare

For I thought she had loved me
But I was wrong
Wandering the desert of emotions I had to be strong
She had first loved me so I thought
In time she changed her tune
For it was in the late month of June she
Said that we were through
I really didn't know what to do
So I turned to vice filled with liquor
Which made me feel much bitter
I kept calling her home and hanging up
We spent such good times together
But it was all an illusion
So I decided to get a tattoo
Finally I hit rock bottom
Recommitted myself to the Lord
Spent time & prayed
It finally found what I was searching for
For the nightmare was all over
But I still long for a girl
To put her head on my shoulder
Will have to wait until I get a little bit older


You were everything to me,

The sun, the moon,

The sky, and the stars.

But all of your hurling about,

Has left me dizzy.

This is much to whimsical for me.

Now what I want is stable ground.

Go on without me,

Follow your dreams.

I'll follow a different path,

Toward stability.

Her Beautiful Pain

I love someone

Who will never love me

She is so beautiful

But she doesn't see

She loves other people

But none of them are me


What makes her beautiful 

Isn't her fair complexion

Or her mellifluous voice

Or anything she does by choice


What makes her beautiful

Is the pain behind her eyes

The hurt inside her soul

All the things she hides inside

That leaks through the cracks of her broken heart

And shines so bright

Like a light

Brighter than any I've ever known


The reason this makes her so beautiful

Is because I have the same pain

That hides behind my eyes

The same hurt

That hides in my soul

I want us to put together 

the pieces of our broken hearts 

To make one whole


I want to love

With all the madness in our souls


I want to dance

Like wild, blind, fools


I want to make you happy

In a world so cold


My love for you burns

Like red hot coals


I want us to be together

But deep down I know

That I'll never be

Anything near what you'll be

And honestly,

I think your way too good for me



I hope someday

You'll find somebody 

To make you happy

Even if its not me

You came back..

you came back and I ran back into your arms and as usual you were there, not to catch me but you were there to watch me fall.

But I just keep telling myself "he came back" and here I am laying in your bed, half naked but is it just a coincidence that the only time you tell me you love me is when I'm in your bed half naked? Guess not.... 

You came back, but they say "once you lose someone, it's never exactly the same person that comes back to you" oh but you came back... 

You came back and  you still look at the other girl like she is the light of your world and I am nothing but a burnt out flame... 

 You came back but this time I kind of wish you would have stayed away, it would have saved me the pain. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i have been slacking on writing lately and I am sorry. Much love to everyone who takes the time to read/comment on my posts. Xoxo ❤️