Counting to Ten

I heard that if you are freaking out the best thing to do is  to take a breath and count to ten. So here it goes... *inhale* *exhale* ONE: I miss you... TWO: I can't stop thinking about you. THREE: Why did you have to decorate my room? FOUR: I stopped following you on facebook, because your updates only trigger me. FIVE: I hate being just friends. SIX: Friends can text without feeling like they are a failure. SEVEN: My hand is tattooed with the number of days that have passed since i could call you mine. EIGHT: I see you in my dreams. NINE: I don't sleep well anymore. TEN: If i see another white car im going to scream TEN: Why the hell are there so many white cars? TEN: This isnt helping! TEN: I look at your posts anyway! TEN: And i have seen that you are back with your ex. TEN: I go out and try to live my life but everything i do is for you TEN: I can't count when im emotional TEN: I can't do this anymore. *inhale* *exhale* TEN: Goodbye...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is meant to be spoken. However, i felt like sharing this online and just googled a site and this one came up.

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All Poems Are Meant2 B Spoken/Read

Spoken word comes from poets reading their work, musicians/singers performing their music/lyrics, actors performing their lines. We are equal in our art and exhibition of same. :D Cool ending. slc