Her Beautiful Pain

I love someone

Who will never love me

She is so beautiful

But she doesn't see

She loves other people

But none of them are me


What makes her beautiful 

Isn't her fair complexion

Or her mellifluous voice

Or anything she does by choice


What makes her beautiful

Is the pain behind her eyes

The hurt inside her soul

All the things she hides inside

That leaks through the cracks of her broken heart

And shines so bright

Like a light

Brighter than any I've ever known


The reason this makes her so beautiful

Is because I have the same pain

That hides behind my eyes

The same hurt

That hides in my soul

I want us to put together 

the pieces of our broken hearts 

To make one whole


I want to love

With all the madness in our souls


I want to dance

Like wild, blind, fools


I want to make you happy

In a world so cold


My love for you burns

Like red hot coals


I want us to be together

But deep down I know

That I'll never be

Anything near what you'll be

And honestly,

I think your way too good for me



I hope someday

You'll find somebody 

To make you happy

Even if its not me