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gone but for the memories

  living lifes memories, everyday

  like two centuries

  history repeating, never releasing

  but to remind you of everything.

  The reasoning that brings 

  past memories that sing like two love birds 

  thier love to last,

  unlike my memories from the past.

  To late to return see where,  to pass open window,

  nothing but  coid dark stare.

  Your love is like warm summer glare

  light surrounds me,

  with the warmth from your love soaked stare.

  Brings my light through the darkness

  but i am the only one there 




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Love is a Battlefield

A thought born from rage, 

a decision made in haste. 

An action performed out of anger 

as a precious heart’s laid to waste.



Trembling lips blow out smoke 

from the fatal shot of words spoken, 

as the sanctity of ones promise 

is left shattered and broken. 



A soul stained with blood 

from that murderous shot, 

as the words enter the heart 

painful and red hot. 



A grieving face wet with tears 

and the others eyes filled with shame, 

as misguided emotions 

were most likely to blame. 



Jealousy, mistrust, 

insecurity and greed, 

from their tight grip 

some can never be freed. 



This emotional war we fight 

is brutal and tough, 

but as hard as some fight 

it is never enough. 



So what are left 

are the victims of this senseless war, 

leaving the survivors bloodied and broken 

and empty to the core. 



Words and emotions 

are powerful weapons and tools, 

so make sure you don’t leave them 

in the hands of loves fools….

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If You Fall

When you speak, I float on every word you say.

Hold me close, whisper softly as my heart gives way.

Days go on forever, but I will not leave your side.

We can face the unknown together, if you fall then so will I.

There is something right with you, I can see it in your eyes.

We can face the past together, if you breathe then so will I.

All we have is one last chance, I won't close my heart to you.

Take my hand, I'll pull you through. If you fall then I will too.

Follow me, even though your heart's been bruised.

Whisper softly, so I can find my way to you...

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Remember Remember the 8th of November


                                     Lolly Dorton


Now I'm dead dont you dare Cry,
You couldnt wait for me to Die.
It was you who ripped my life Apart,
Who can live with a shattered Heart?
You cant help who you fall for, its True
I had the bad luck to fall for selfish You.
Way to many years wasted trying to make you See
You and I together were meant to Be.
I had your Children when I became your Wife,
I was honest and faithful those 44yrs of my Life.

When I said those words "Till death do us Part,
I said them, I meant them, with the all of my Heart.
Yet you cheated so often, even brought them to our Home
All to con me into believing you would never Roam.
You just never loved me I finally Realise,
Sadly way to late I suddenly became Wise.
Now my life is over and to late you will See
Noone will ever love you as deep and true as Me.
You cant hurt me anymore as I am laid to Rest,
Thank God my pain and life is over, its for the Best....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this when I realised I had wasted my life loving one cheating man Wishing I had never forgiven him the first time he cheated Trust me Once a cheat ALWAYS a cheat. Too late I realised this really is true. Finally alone and am LOVING it No more heartache and am loving life ......

let me

Let me mould you into my shape
Shine incandescent light upon your freckled face
Let me breathe life into your soul
Let me join hearts making us whole
Let me show you the meaning of love
Let me rain fiery raindrops of acidic pity on your soul
Let me merge our love to achieve ones goals
Let me pull the veins from your body
Interweaving them with mine so you can never leave me
Let our bodies work as one
An unstoppable machine of pure pleasure
Let me take you to a new high,
Higher than the reachable sky
Let me roast you in gods given sun
Making your skin rosy and blossom
Soft enough to tear the outer layers
To traverses what lies beneath that supple skin
Let me look into the windows of your soul
So I can see myself looking back feeling solemn
Let me bless you with joys of child
Dna mixing to make the perfect hybrid
Let me hide in your opaque shadows
Only showing my face when called upon


How can i get over what's been over me?

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Your rock

I'm your rock here un-wavering,

Until I'm overcome by time and weathering,

I'm a flame that burns bright but is never quenched,  

You are one person I will never be against, 

You are my summer and my spring, 

You take away what winter is sure to bring,

Your fragrance is like a warm summer night,

Sweet like honey suckles and is such a delight, 

Your love is warm and something I Cherish, 

My love will never parish, 

Your are like thee finest wine,

Truly you are one of a kind, 

Completion is what Im feeling when holding you in my arms, 

You love struck me like a bullet from a firearm, 

Your the blood that beats my heart,

I loved you from the start tell me we shall never be apart, 

Without you I'm only half of me, 

Don't you see what we could be,

I wish I had the words to make things right,

I'm lost in the dark searching for you with no light,

I wish it came down to just my love, 

In regards to you nothing would be above, 

I love how you laugh at all the stupid things I say,

I just don't  want to see you running away,

So tell me you are here to stay, 

And together is how we will spend our days,

I love you eyes,

They are like suns eclipsed in blue sky's, 

I need you like the trees need the sun, 

Your the breath that fills my lung,

I love that I can be myself, 

You are what I value over any wealth,

My love is forever, 

I'm will not be moved by changing seasons or weather, 

But someday I will return from once I came, 

But my love will still remain.











Between me and you

Sometimes it seems like everything is between us

But something keeps putting us together.

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