let me

Let me mould you into my shape
Shine incandescent light upon your freckled face
Let me breathe life into your soul
Let me join hearts making us whole
Let me show you the meaning of love
Let me rain fiery raindrops of acidic pity on your soul
Let me merge our love to achieve ones goals
Let me pull the veins from your body
Interweaving them with mine so you can never leave me
Let our bodies work as one
An unstoppable machine of pure pleasure
Let me take you to a new high,
Higher than the reachable sky
Let me roast you in gods given sun
Making your skin rosy and blossom
Soft enough to tear the outer layers
To traverses what lies beneath that supple skin
Let me look into the windows of your soul
So I can see myself looking back feeling solemn
Let me bless you with joys of child
Dna mixing to make the perfect hybrid
Let me hide in your opaque shadows
Only showing my face when called upon