Space can be everything or nothing.

Nobody's listening to what I have to say,

I spoke my words bold and truthful,

I cried many days of tears just to fully feel safe,

Tears felt better than anyone's unfeeling words; they felt like an ice-brand.


Months I cried; months I felt so lonely not a spec of light,

I lost all my cares cuase they hurt me; I lost all my good sight,

I asked for it; All I got back was the feeling of living in a world alone,

No one can live in a world alone; it feels like wandering millions of miles with nothing insight.


I told myself I would never tell the only Man that made me feel like some thing,

My trust runs so thin; even paper doesn't fill the line of thinness,

I can trust any thing, but what knocks me off my feet is when you break my trust,

The whole wall of everything you care about crashes down; You have no were to go, gone is my trust.


I tried being brave; I told that Man what I feel, and what he gave me back,

Like out of no were comes light, safety, no more worrying; he shook my grief,

Took a hold of me; my friend, you mean something to me is all he said, like a wolf pack,

You will never be alone as long as your mine; I finally, after months, stopped crying.


He gave me hope; something to reach and hold on to every day,

He never gave up on me like I expected him to; he never said a cruel word to me,

I cried of happiness; my light came back after being alone so long I was scared of it I say,

Once I knew what it felt like to be happy; I never thought once to let go of that feeling, that day.


Some times we fight; I never choose to give up, neither does he,

We're special in a way like no other; if I fell there will be a pillow for me now,

I can't lie; sometimes I feel like I suffocate like I did today, but he doesn't know I do,

I never keep lies; whether I like to keep them or not, he knows me so well he knows my soul.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem doesn't have to be real, if you have the deep emotion its even better.

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    loneliness is awfull glad



loneliness is awfull glad you found a friend and partner. Your prose is a good read.

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Thank you!! I'm so glad I did too... I'm lucky. ^_^