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I'm onto something

I'm a work in progress so they say


might be as good as Bobby Flay


need time to bow the knee to pray


Sacrificing yourself is the true measure of giving




That makes life worth living


Lord help us to recognize your authority


And may you be our first priority


O keep God's word every day until the end




And trust whole hearted in Jesus, our savior, our friend


When we seek to know God's word in him we will find his son


And in his word is the truth, you will find the living one


Where the clouds have hidden a dream,




Time has risen its beautiful form above,


And shows the symbol of a dream


American Beauty Prologue

Twinkling glass hands sparkle in my eyes.

I watch as they gracefully sprinkle new born roses on my bare breast and arctic thighs.
The sun decides to attend the show.
He worships me with his fresh sun kissed glow.
My love for life just grows and grows.



You always love someone else

Oh fairy tale love.

The princess in disaster

saved by a prince.

Immediately, it is love forever.

Some call that true love. 

It's love at first sight,

what everone hopes for.

But that kind of love,

it says you only love one person.

How many times

do you tell someone you love them

even though the connection is gone?

How many times

have you told someone you loved them

because the person you really love

loves someone else?

I don't believe in true love anymore.

True love is your soul mate,

that one person beyond expectation,

your perfect match.

Some people, I think, do get to find that person,

but most people will miss them,

leave them,

never even meet them.

Love has changed.

Now love is a choice.

You can make yourself fall in love with someone

though you still love someone else.

Each person you tore off a part of your heart for,

and the will still hold it.

You can marry someone,

yet still love your high school sweetheart.

Hell, I still love the boy,

the one I met on twitter.

I remember that one super cute guy

the one who helped me reach the shoes on the top shelf.

The one kid you made eye contact with in the hallways

but never even talked to.

I will never forget them.

You lover may be jealous

but deep down they still love someone else too.

Because we fall in love with smiles,

laughs, people, personalities.

We fall in love with out memories.

And you never have to let them go.

You can love someone so deep,

so passionatly,

and feel things towards other people.

The thing is

you can NEVER act on those feelings.

If you choose to commit yourself

to another lover

you have chosen not to hurt them.

Do not physically love someone else.

Do not allow yourself to love another more than yours.

If you choose to fall out of love, 

do not force yourself to stay with them.

They have chosen to love you,

you do not have to fake your love back.

It is ok to say goodbye if your love is only going to hurt them.


Love is a choice,

you have to be willing to choose.


Pictures isn't really worth a million of words,

People are fake! Saying they're graced by the

Glory of Jesus, by clicking share on a picture.

I place the blame upon your leaders, teaching

You to pray when only the problem is existing.

Something else is trippy, people that's typing

"Amen" in the comments to feed the people in

Need. You can't feed the children with four

Characters, Facebook isn't an charity it's a

Platform for someone to rise their celebrity

Status. You're not righteous for liking the

Pictures on your new feeds, can you even

Believe in the things you claim to believe

Without staring at a computer screen?


Dotted Line


Welcome to Hell! Monte, aren't you

Hungry? Allow me to tease you with

Talentless musicians that's basking

In YOUR success! Why don't you go

Get it!? Answer me, why don't you?

I got a offer you can't refuse, I want

You to sacrifice everyone you love!

If you do it, the book sales will be

Yours. Depraved whores who's dying

To sleep with a rich man, and you

Can have it all if everything you

Been thought was lost! You're

Not God, you're a soulless puppet!

Now shut up and sign the dotted

Line, you're soul is mines.




                       That is all i see around

                        Like a ship on the bay

                        the spirit is willing but

                            The body is gone



                     Like the story i was told

                     All i see is the remnant 

                              Of the past

                   The untold story of humanity

                                  The will power,

                    The unconcious resilient,

                The content and the mutual trust.

                                   All beoken 

                          And lost in the wind.


               Beyond the silence of the picture i saw,

                       The Afro hair,vassace shoe

                   The Bogus trouser and the coat,

                    The cherry smile and the flower


                            Hidden in there is the

                           Spirit of a man i know

                                But left broken

                                Beyond speech.


              Broken like a bicycle without a pedal

                         Like a horse without his leg.


                                   Now adays

                         Women are mannerless,

                            Men are valueless,

                         Children are thoughtless,

                            Parent are careless,

                       Government are worthless,

             The love of money is the root of all evil

                         Shadow is all we chase.

                 Culture,moral,values,are now a tale.

                              Vanity is all we got.


                          Broken Beyond Repair.


is there someone out there for me?

there is no one to be seen

there is no one to 

help me


there is no one that want me

there is no one that 

cares for me


why is there no one to be seen

no one that want me

no one that will help me

no one that cares 

for me 


all I want is someone that will

want me

will care for me

will help me when I need help

that will love me for 

how I am  and not want they 

want me to be 


is there someone that will help me

someone that will care for me 

someone that loves me for

how I am and not want 

they want me to be


if so where is this someone 

is there more then one

that cares, will help

that wants me and that 

they will loves me for how I am?


Grandma (I Miss You)

Grandma (I Miss You)


Even though our encounter was a brief one, you were our rock and always there.

Life is never fair, memories are ours to keep but what of moments unshared?

What of family portraits that are one less, I get lost in them and stare for hours

on end because they reveal the losses in our withered family crest.

As time passes, I reflect on what you've said when you passed the torch to me.

Delicate it seems, this flame that at times lit up the night and served as a beacon

to show our family the way home and shelter us from fright. At times, I feel alone

in this fight to keep the flame burning bright throughout the cold and starry night.

My arms are weak and weep for a moment's rest. My legs are buckling underneath

me but to no avail because all this physical strain is beneath me. Purpose is greater

than pain and without pain there can be no gain. My soul will have none of it, even if

it pours down on me, even if it drives me insane. I can feel relief by the warmth of

dawn on my forehead. The rooster is sounding the alarm, morning is finally here.


As the World Turns

Judging by the carnage

The world will make its turn

From life and love and sadness

Its face will slowly burn


Unless a savior comes

Guiding through the fall

Embracing those around them

And soothing with their call


The skies quake and shudder

Beauty without flaw

Whispers in the thunder

Breathless with its draw


We face the light together

All of us as one

Our fingers locked forever

This life has just begun