You always love someone else

Oh fairy tale love.

The princess in disaster

saved by a prince.

Immediately, it is love forever.

Some call that true love. 

It's love at first sight,

what everone hopes for.

But that kind of love,

it says you only love one person.

How many times

do you tell someone you love them

even though the connection is gone?

How many times

have you told someone you loved them

because the person you really love

loves someone else?

I don't believe in true love anymore.

True love is your soul mate,

that one person beyond expectation,

your perfect match.

Some people, I think, do get to find that person,

but most people will miss them,

leave them,

never even meet them.

Love has changed.

Now love is a choice.

You can make yourself fall in love with someone

though you still love someone else.

Each person you tore off a part of your heart for,

and the will still hold it.

You can marry someone,

yet still love your high school sweetheart.

Hell, I still love the boy,

the one I met on twitter.

I remember that one super cute guy

the one who helped me reach the shoes on the top shelf.

The one kid you made eye contact with in the hallways

but never even talked to.

I will never forget them.

You lover may be jealous

but deep down they still love someone else too.

Because we fall in love with smiles,

laughs, people, personalities.

We fall in love with out memories.

And you never have to let them go.

You can love someone so deep,

so passionatly,

and feel things towards other people.

The thing is

you can NEVER act on those feelings.

If you choose to commit yourself

to another lover

you have chosen not to hurt them.

Do not physically love someone else.

Do not allow yourself to love another more than yours.

If you choose to fall out of love, 

do not force yourself to stay with them.

They have chosen to love you,

you do not have to fake your love back.

It is ok to say goodbye if your love is only going to hurt them.


Love is a choice,

you have to be willing to choose.

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To live a lie


Letting go is always hardest for the one who still loves, having respect for them is somtimes difficult and in turn timing is everything, usually its not the one in love who says goodbye and it is the one who is blind that cannot let go.

Very well written keep penning young lady.

this is not the end, this is not the begining of the end, this is merely the end of the begining.

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Like it a lot. KS

Like it a lot.