Parking Lot Romance

Verse 1: As the clock strikes,

             I get lost in the seconds

             And the time it takes to grow.

             Believe what you will, my love.


Chorus: Just give me a reason,

            A reason to march on with life.

            As you learn to love again,

            Keep our love alive, awake, and aware.


Verse 2: Another minute until midnight.

             Babe, tell me your secrets,

            I'll tell you mine's.

            'Cause it's safer here.


Bridge: I'm always there for you.

           Won't you take me home

           At the speed of light

           'Cause our safe haven is here.


Last-Chorus: I may be hotter than

                   The chocolate that melts in your hand.

                   Maybe, I'm amazed at the way

                   You heal my heart,mind, soul, and spirit.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This song is based on a situation where my friend's older brother confessed that he likes/loves me in a parking lot at the college we both attend. We then ran into each other a gym years later on my birthday and he still likes/loves me. I suck at romance/relationships so I'm not sure what to do. I have more songs I've written that I haven't posted up yet. More songs up on: