Why do they try

Why do they try?

Why do they try to push the very button of my being
to keep me from seeing the goodness within me
so that I can be my very best
The monster inside that longs to walk beside us
it is the demon within that only you can arrest,
all in the name of one, Saviour of all
I can hear HIS call
LISTEN! to your spirit!
I'm calling to you
I will give you peace and rest
from the best that thought they had you.
Why do they try to take you down
when you've gone a round or two, maybe even three
can you see what they are doing to you
Child of the King, Daughter or Son
called to sing all praises, that ring
in the ears of those who dare to pose
as if they are preparing to do one more thing
to knock you off your course
stay in the race
get to the finish line
so don't you dare whine
cause in the end WE win

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I know its all true Ill have to pay for all the bad things i did
Dont worry though cause Ill be laughing as i do my bid
Now your asking WHY, WHY would I be laughing and Ill tell
you cause Ill be high Chewing on this pill trowing up filling Ill
like Ima die and WHY cause I dont give a fuck every time
Im sobber all i feel is stuck in the past then Ill sniff a white
line come back with a blast laughing like it was all a joke
roll a blunt take a toke now Im asking myself WHY as I
feel like Ima die and all I can say is Ima do me and all
you bitchs just mind your bizz If this is me all I ask is
WHY, WHY judge me WHY should I change till Im pulling
my hair out like I got mange when I die is when Ima change
till then Ima keep this shit going man Im deep going all out
walking around like I ant got no dought that when I die is
when people will ask WHY, WHY I did all this and Id say cause
I had a ball and man Ill miss my family but life was my bid and
after everything I did all I can ask myself is...........WHY?
by: kyle cohen

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Tea and Sugar

I can't stop seeing my bittersweet fantasies
Seeing what I want but not really having it
I can feel my heart strings playing themselves and realizing their is no music coming out
Sometimes I wonder if it's better to not have dreamed at all
And not realizing what I can't have
But how can we not dream?
The day we live our dream is the day we can truly stop dreaming
I just want to live in a sunset, under all the perfect conditions and feel the waves crash against my feet over the boardwalk dock
All the while spilling my secrets to the someone beside me
And to hold it all still
Yet here I am awake, because I would much rather spend my time making my dreams come as close to possible,
Than to keep that bittersweet heartache
Than to keep dreaming

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yes I dream, and my dreams are more prescious than any poem I can write. I hope you can see my poem just as a dream.

Poetic Nerve

Random Poems

i spit flames and burn the words // & I could care less if my poetry is heard // man cuz I continue to write only to feed this passion to my nerves // yea life was going my way but then I got curved // so ever since that day I found it hard enough to pray // feeling betrayed I delayed my holy thoughts that weighed // & began to start writing every single day // so I guess that's the short version of how I started writin // & now that u know my motivation don't chu ever accuse me of bittin -_____-


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Perche questo e accaduto

come puo essere, un fiume di lacrme

tra voi e me.


Why has this happened

how can it be, a river of tears

between you and me.

(c) copyright heather burns

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Why I Write

I write for the readers,
The wanderers,
The dreamers,
The ones who see with their minds.

I write for those who hope,
Those who wish,
Those who wonder.

Sometimes I write for the mad;
The ones who see things differently,
The ones who aren't afraid of the unknown,
The ones who dream by day.

I write for the poets,
The authors,
The wannabes.

I write for myself,
For my insane beliefs,
For my wandering mind,
An outlet for my thoughts.

I write for the singers,
Those who aways hear songs,
Those who can make music with anything,
Those who dance to unheard beats.

I write for the optimists,
Those who see only beauty,
Those who hear only wonderment,
Who feel only hope,
Who seek the brightness.

I write for the pessimists,
Those who see the darkness,
The ones who hear the cries,
Who wish they could hope,
Who cling to the shadows.

I'm stuck in the middle.

I don't write for publishers,
Unless they really hear me,
Unless they see my voice,
Unless they understand.

I write for the minority,
Those who don't follow the crowds,
The rebels,
The fighters.
I write for the strong-willed,
The ones who don't give up,
The ones who stick to their beliefs,
Who never back down.

I don't write what others want me to write,
I write what's in my mind,
I'll write what I want to write,
I'll write for the sake of writing.

I write for the sun and the moon,
The stars and the clouds,
The trees and the flowers,
The forest and the ocean,
The desert and the grasslands.
I won't write for the city,
I won't praise tree-chopping,
I won't praise the pollution,
I won't praise the destruction.
I write for the world.
I won't write for its death.

Writing on the spot,
Planning nothing out,
Just writing,
Letting my fingers type,
My mind spell out the words.
I'm in a trance,
I always am.

Nothing on my mind,
Music in my ears,
Letting everything fade away,
Zoning out,
Leaving the world
If only for a moment.

I write for the dreamers,
The ones who wish,
The ones who wonder,
The ones who dream by day,
The ones who read and read,
Maybe they write,
Maybe they feel the world's heartbeat beneath them.

I write for those who see what's not there,
I write for those who hear the ever-present music,
I write for those who dream.
Because the world could use some dreamers.
Only dreamers can see.
Everyone else is blind.

I write because I write.
To make the world slow down.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is why I write.

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