I know its all true Ill have to pay for all the bad things i did
Dont worry though cause Ill be laughing as i do my bid
Now your asking WHY, WHY would I be laughing and Ill tell
you cause Ill be high Chewing on this pill trowing up filling Ill
like Ima die and WHY cause I dont give a fuck every time
Im sobber all i feel is stuck in the past then Ill sniff a white
line come back with a blast laughing like it was all a joke
roll a blunt take a toke now Im asking myself WHY as I
feel like Ima die and all I can say is Ima do me and all
you bitchs just mind your bizz If this is me all I ask is
WHY, WHY judge me WHY should I change till Im pulling
my hair out like I got mange when I die is when Ima change
till then Ima keep this shit going man Im deep going all out
walking around like I ant got no dought that when I die is
when people will ask WHY, WHY I did all this and Id say cause
I had a ball and man Ill miss my family but life was my bid and
after everything I did all I can ask myself is...........WHY?
by: kyle cohen

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