Life Played Out


Tired, weary, so battered and torn,

Life played out,

And has left me too worn.


Too worn to wonder, to even care,

Why it failed me so much,

And left me empty, there.


I must have misstepped, didn't calculate,

That such utter emptiness...

Would result in this fate.


Now here wide awake, still I am...5 AM,

With pain, loneliness and fear,

My only so-called, 'friends'.


Its like putting on a play, to an audience of none.

As I take my curtain-call,

With the soon-rising sun.


And again it'll met out, just another old day,

That I have to trudge right on through,

And find my own way.


I Am Tired

Notes on Life

I am tired

This road is long

And lonely

Sometimes there are people

But oftener than not

They laugh at me

The Weary Traveler

And whip me

Grinning the whole time

And once I am broken

They kiss my cheek

And say

"Be stronger next time"

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