stormy weather


~Life is so full of forecasts often like a Sunny day,
so full of sunshine that cascades vibrant an lovely rays,
streaming through my heart an soul displaying a beautiful Rainbow,
yet so pure and crystal clear, but as dark gloomy clouds past by it disappears
creating an interior shell over your mind, bringing cloudiness in your life,
where no light lies, then it begins to rain, showers and showers of physical darkness
lingering pain, murkiness of evil through your body as it travels internally,
then finally the twilight hours come creeping in finally the darkness will end.
as the rain clears nightfall begins bright and shining stars like diamonds in your soul
you feel life again as the night skies clear, by the time morning falls
The Forecast is Clear Looks like a Sunny day my soul is Beautiful again~

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You Lose, Andrew

It's over now and the sun is out
And now there is a different view
Of what there was and what is left
From Mother Natures child, Andrew.

His birth was quite unwelcome
His screams heard through the night
To warn us all of what was to come
From his bark and from his bite.

As he moved his strength would push
The wind and rain to it's most
With total destruction in his heart
He trained his "Eye" upon the coast.

He was dead set in his mission
He knew exactly what he'd do
But we were only left to guess
What it'd be like he was through.

So we tried to prep ourselves
In the best ways that we can
Against a force of nature
That has no respect for man.

We boarded up the windows
And fled to higher ground
Knowing that when we returned
Maybe nothing would be found.

Just what things will Andrew take
If he fulfills our greatest fear?
Just the things we can replace
Or the loved ones we hold dear?

Well, his fury did take plenty
Both in property and lives
As he cut his way through cities
Like a million wheeled knives.

But even with all his power
There was a greater from above
That shined on all God's creatures
To protect them with his love.

For within his divine wisdom
He is the only one who knows
How to keep so many safe
From Andrew's angry blows.

Yes, Andrew paid his visit
And he did his nasty sin
But when he's gone forever
It's the people, their deeds
and God's love that will win.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written and dedicated to all of those who gave their time, energy, goods and services to the hurricane relief efforts.
Augest 26, 1992

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Thick air weighs heavy on the breast
ominously waiting.
The sea lies motionless, at rest,
stilled its agitating.
But over where the blue and green
sink one into the other
a tiny grey-black cloud is seen,
soon coupled with another.

Fast approaching, dark and grim,
the stormy cloud increases,
amassing now with rumbling hymn
its water laden fleeces.
Thor throws his challenge to the sun
and shoots his fiery arrows.
Thick the pregnant vapour's spun
and fast the sapphire narrows.

The wind is startled from his doze
and springs up swift in fright.
In rage at being woken, blows
and whips with all his might.
The billows close, erase the blue
and glare with baneful eye
as the thunder and the wind in feud
do battle in the sky.

The heavens flash with ragged rage,
wrathful tempests wail
releasing droplets from their cage
to hurl them through the gale.
The monster slumbering in the deep
begins to heave and strain.
He thrashes from his brooding sleep
tossing spray to catch the rain.

The sky, criss-crossed by jagged rays,
is all but torn asunder.
Trees vibrate with violent sways
as though fearful of the thunder.
Grasses bow as a heathen will
to an idol god inclines.
Around the cliffs and paths and hill
the wild wind wailing whines.

These elements pitch fierce war
till their energy outplay.
Too weary now to struggle more
they retreat then from the fray.
Large puddles of collected rain,
arched rainbow's glowing form,
these evidences still remain
of the violent thunderstorm.

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Lovely puffs of white
Float above us
Waiting to destroy
With liquid and light
Coming by day
And sometimes by night
Searching to find
The helpless
Living in the ditch
To wash away
Their bodies past the fray.
No help for the weak
On this sad day.

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