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Anandi’s ‘Tainted Love’ plays.

Opening credits roll.

A 1989 FORD FIESTA pulls out of the parking lot of RASCAL’S NIGHTCLUB and follows the streets through Northeast Portland to PANCAKE HUT.  

I don’t know how to feel.  I mean, I have feelings.  I am not a heartless beast.  But what I mean is there are just too many conflicting feelings to choose from tonight.  John and I are heading to Pancake Hut from Rascals nightclub.  Rascals doesn’t know if it wants to be a dance club or a dive bar.  I don’t know the difference.  See, I don’t drink much; don’t smoke at all.  Tonight I had my girlfriend Julie with me.  Strike that.  I guess she’s my ex-girlfriend now.  John and I were talking sports.  Next thing ya know, Julie is gone.  It really seemed to happen that fast.  

JOHN’S FORD FIESTA pulls into the Pancake Hut parking lot.

So Pancake Hut is an Oregon landmark, with three restaurants in Portland, one in St. Johns, and a couple in Boring and Milwaukie.  The staff dresses in short brown bell skirts and tight white blouses… unless you happen to work during the day, where your gender allows you the freedom to wear Autumn Dockers and a white dress shirt.
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Jim Carrey Email

Filter Poetry

Poems is Filtered

Fan Club Is Full

TOO many Millions

Eye finally got to talk to JIM Carrey today and he told me why he cannot read my poetry. He explained it like a man. There is too many fans. There is too many emails. “Eye “MISTER Carrey to yew” make filters for my fan club messages the porn is the first one.” Okay my gentile reader ewe begin to see now eh? Where this one is going?

JCFC(jimcarreyfanclub)Filter One : NO PORN.



Oh why oh woe is me eye wanted JIM to read the mee? Oh pain now from headache and anxiety Your email address has NOT been verified. Please click 'Click to verify' next to your email address below or change your email address to a valid one.

Oh why cannot we just have his home address a house boat eye suppose in some woman's swimming place? Eye was a CIA spook before eye got religion the love replaces hate so now eye want just to relate to all the STARS in Hollywooded glens and pools of swimming fans. Eye had a picture ready to download to the fanclub when the email did not come eye lost all hope that HE was really there and sure enough it was a band called Carrey Band. This is just a fanclub not Jim Carrey. AND that is how this FABEL was just born.

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Charles Hice

Number 23

Number 23


  Waiting in a line for food.

Am I in a prison or a diner.

Drinking soda and now water.

I am sitting in a recliner,

wishing that i could get up and

jump into the sink,

to drink a pail of water.

I am just a want too.

I am full of meat.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for JIM

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in the begganing

Death and destuction ran lucid among the city of paragon ruled by the awful Death Destroyer (DD). Many of the remaing heros were in hidding not willing to put life on the line to aid the citizens of paragon. They knew that all other in the past have fail to bring DD to justic. The remaining defenders of freedom sat in the shadows waiting for DD to strike the helpless suburb of atlas. This place considered to be the playground of evil. A tip that selinas had paid for with his life had informed the enforcers of justic of DD's next move, his attack on the science lab on 2nd street. The heros were able to overthrow the attack with few losses, because they had surprised the enemy, but DD had taken the head doctor hstage. In the attack to save the doctor in atlas city hall the strongest of paragon's evil. All the heros had perished and all the villans had been defeated all that stand were ES (energy saint), badly damaged but still in the fight and DP (dark protector). DD waged war with these two well in to the night. Finnally at the sight of the sun peaking over the horizon DP stood over DD as he uttered "you will never defeat evil it is in us all!!!" "Yet good will always provel" DP responed. ES and DP nearly fainted once the arch villan had pass on. Out of the corner of his eye ES saw a flicker of light as if the sun was block out for a mear second. As the sun rose that morning so did the future of paragon.

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Face Reader

Setup: Park bench off-center stage left

                             *Lights Off*

-Actors walking, running. Making different paced stepping sounds.

-Actors talking quietly amongst themselves. Except for given lines to be spoken loudly as part of conversations.

Actor 1: “Did you hear about Kevin and Morgan?”

Actor 2: “Holy shit she was fine!”

Actor 3: “No I don’t think he’ll ever change!”

Actor 4: “Two chicks at one time, no fucking way!”

Actor 5: “If he really loved you, he wouldn’t make you.”

-Actors continue to walk past, silent.

                            *Spotlight brightens onto Charlie*

-Charlie walks on stage, turns upstage, turns downstage, drops a book, stumbles as if being hit from the side while picking it up, narrows shoulders and walks towards bench.

-Voice Over-

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Short one scene play

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This taxi cab driver

Picked up this


He pays the driver

600 bucks to drive

him around all

night that night

at first the driver

was a little hesitant

about doing all this

for the guy

he didn’t even

know. But he put behind

him told himself it would okay

and did it anyway!

The passenger told him

Stop here stop there

And all he heard was


BANG people were

Dying all over the place

But he had to pay when he

He tried to shoot the drive’s

Girlfriend at her own place

And the driver ran up and

Shot him dead straight through his heart!

June 12, 2005,

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this about the movie this collateral i know it was probably stupid to write about a movie but i don't care:P

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Into the darkness.

Into the darkness.

Into the darkness

Her mind goes

As she laid next

To him frighten,

Hoping and praying


Would discover they

Were trapped together!

Holding each other’s hands

They knew one or both of them

Would die that night when the Tiantic

Sank and took so many lives! They were

Both struggling to stay alive! And they knew

If one or they both were going to die people would

Still be able to feel the love that they felt for one

Another from every ocean around the world!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this about the movie Titantic

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Lost in the Fifties

"Lost in the fifties" the neon sign intimates indescriminately to the losers and the fifty-somethings left there at 10:30 Saturday night - what with the fever already descending upon the small city that could convince itself that it's big-time just this once.  And didn't i mention that this is a retro Dairy Queen with painted piano key tables and sparkly plastic stools and Richie Valens playing on a specialty nostalgia frequency just for specialty nostalgia eating establishments, except i wish that i could tune in myself tonight.  Because right now i'm lost in that sign and i'm lost real good.  And somewhere along the way i see You and Me. Except it's all a little different...

We're walking in that door and my GOD!  I am one bitchin' cat and You are one pretty little doll and I am sheboppin' and you are doowoppin' right like we know just what we're after.  And the awkward girl at the counter risks a glance at my skin-tight bluejean pants and leather jacket with collars up past my chops and the chop-shop hair and my self-assured sneer looks awkward too on features used to sulking, but you're my girl.

And the boys in the back can't help but eyeing up your baby blue hoop skirt that jives when you walk and your knee-high socks and the way your blue bow matches your pink lips as you sing along with those dipty-dips.

And that's when we'd get our table right in front of the sign and hold hands under the table where no daddy-o's gonna fret.  Sipping our strawberry shakes getting all shook up the way kids do on dates in hands in loved-up eyes.  And i'd say something like, "Baybe, ain't no drive-in in this town but i could watch you smile at me all night."  And you'd laugh and blush at me and we'd stay all night.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It was just a thought.

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Chapter 1: Tomb Of Flesh and Stone

Gargoyle Story

Chapter 1:

Tomb of Flesh and Stone

by Michael Feuerstein

In the depths of a mountain, In a great hall, behind a pillar; one of many that lined both sides of the hall, stood a tall middle aged man named Audric smeared with dirt and blood. Sweat now beaded down his face as he waited anxiously hiding in the dark. He was clutching his sword handle tightly in his fist and pressing it hard against his chest. Everything in the room was covered in dark shadows. The only lights were two large candles standing on each side of a stone engraved alter cast only light on alter and the two pillars on lining the wall. All of which was farther away from him then he wanted them to be. There was a break in the silence that enveloped him, for Off in the distance you could hear shattering cries of a man. It was Deveon, through the screams you could almost feel his pain. It sent chills straight down his spine. Now another one of the seven was gone. Five now remained, the knights of Kylera. Now the discomposure was beginning to fill him, his armor was now weighing him down. Frighten, Audric knew he had to move but he couldn’t bring his feet to take just one step. It felt like they have become roots and taken hold of the ground, and if he picked he would be taking the risk he would surely parish.

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