sad lonely break up nostalgia memories haunting


We all run to our pasts

Catching up with memories

Hung like photos on a clothes line

We move from one to the other

Lay a hand on those faces

Embrace them with our eyes

Nostalgia courses through veins

A faded melody, a forgotten verse

The essence of happiness

An intoxication of sorrows

Adagios and allegros of long-ago

All those hours and days

Revived in moments

Somewhere in a cluster of neurones

A neurotransmitter jumps

The synaptic void......

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was looking at some old photographs and this poem was concieved

Heart Without A Home

You left me alone
bitten by deceit
crafty lyrics are not enough
to erase your epic cheat

Years pass
you still linger
crawling on my skin

I will not let you in
I refuse to let you in

Never felt so whole lying next to anyone
Never felt so complete, finished, done

my spirit danced to the song of your soul

your soul shifts black to white
and I'm left in the cold

How could you seek anything else?
Why couldn't you see?
My love for you was endless, wild, and free

Each day is a battle
lying in your wake

I am but a skeleton
broken pile of bones

sweep away our dust
heart without a home

-2011 Kailyn Charron

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My past relationship was very emotionally abusive has left me very scarred with many emotions and thoughts I have trouble understanding.

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The Spaces In-Between

I've found there's nothing left to do

But hold onto what used to be
Since I'm haunted by the little things
Those spaces in-between...

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