mermaid aquarium

wide eyed and terrified

aesthetically profound

with gills on her heart

hold her under until she drowns


thin lipped and stripped

beautifully bound

with hooks in her heart

hold her under until she drowns

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I want to fly
I want to cry
I want to finally
Do or die.

I want to live
I want to breathe
I want to give
I want to love


And rise beyond
The fires above.


I want I want
I want I want
To be able
To look you in the eye.


I want to breathe
Right down
And not to wonder why.


And I want you
To give them heck.


And I want too
To consume stew
At Waterloo
With musket balls
And Frenchmens’ calls!
Between us two.


And what I want
And what you want,
They’re not
So incompatible, you see.


We both do want so much
We’re lacking finally.


Yet at this last
I want your body.
I want your soul.
I want your warmth,
To make mine feel whole.

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One of the earlies

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