Emerging from the depths of darkness,
lurks a being, so cold and heartless.
It's vision is gone, for many years lost.
Other senses are strong, well worth the cost.

It preys upon weakness and tracks down the small.
It plays with uniqueness, attacking us all.
The movement is silent, not even a sound,
A definite improvement, for a tyrant renowned.

It deals, it feels, with selfish ideals.
It steals and reveals it likes you for its meals.
Don't write or recite or attempt to excite,
The height and the might of the parasite.

Seek not to maim, blame, or even defame.
For the same frame gave the monster its name.

When caught in the light you see its enormity
Afterthought, you're right, its name is conformity.

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The first of his kind
Born ill regular born ugly
The only of his kind
Heart of a leader, scars of a warrior
The symbol of courage, patriotism, and bravery a true hero
A Hero unsung, bald but invisible and yet so captivating to the eye
What a monster
Worshiped by the followers, admired by the living
Respected by the hatred, feared by the fallen
Rules like a god his lands a merciful and roofless king
An old king with no queen
His feared by all, oceans, skies the air you breathe all living things
Only strong survive kill or be killed
No need for painted faces
What he rules no words can be reed
Monster…. the king of nothing

By. Nobonumb

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Last week a sound pulled me awake,
A sigh, a growl, it made me quake, 
My paranoia ran too deep, 
For me to once more get to sleep. 
What fangs?! What claws?! were in the dark, 
That morning banished by the lark. 
Her dulcet tones spelt sweet release, 
The monster left, I slept in peace. 
But with the dusk he came again, 
And though his shape I did not ken, 
I knew the hungry thing was there, 
I felt his desperate, greedy stare. 
And from the corner of my eye, 
A shadow loomed, I heard a cry, 
My last nerve broke! I hit the light, 
And saw a tail bound out of sight. 
First fangs and claws, now bushy tail! 
Gnashing teeth and mournful wail! 
The monster hid beneath the bed- 
With light in hand, and filled with dread, 
I stood, I stooped, I peered beneath, 
Expecting gleaming, monster teeth! 
There were no claws, no fangs, no beast! 
No need for ghosts' or demons' priest! 
In fact, no need for much at all - 
I laughed and smiled at Monster's call: 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A silly little poem I wrote, inspired by true events.

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Mortal Dreams

Volume One



Mortal Dreams”


I dream what every mortal dream's about; Happiness

but as time passes that happiness turns to sadness

'To dream, To wish, To want'

To scream for our love is to bug

knowing that no one could ever love me

I am that which is diseased, knowing

what I love I pollute with distaste,

'You hate me, I hate you, you disgust me'

The time has come to pass, deal with me or push

me off to the side. It doesn't matter

now!, I am the man that you created and tried to hide

Mortal dreams, what a pathetic excuse, for I

am the evil you accuse of corrupting your sons.

I am the misery that you cry out from the plague

Mortal dreams are for the weak at heart. The

world is my garden now. The world is my trash can

now and forever. Destroy me,

Run from me, I will keep coming back

For I exist in "Mortal Dreams"


Author's Notes/Comments: 

(Updated; From Psycho- Confessions)

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