04-10 The Multi-Dimensional Man


So vague this feeling,

I can’t pinpoint the needles in my arms

with all the shouting of the molecules.

Tonight they revolt

and become another freak show

for folks to pay to see.

The noise is deafening,

impossible to take

so I retreat into my shell

and the masses gasp.

They paid to see their show

and they think it’s done.

Some are clapping.

Some demand their money back

- they call it a parlor trick.

They just weren’t close enough to see

that when I disappeared,

the fabric of the universe

showed itself in ripples.

And now I stand on the other side of the veil,

watching mouths move soundless.

I haven’t moved an inch,

I’ve moved a light year.

I’m staying just ahead,

just around the bend,

but then I notice something out of place.

A face among the crowd is still upon me.

He gazes gently, he doesn’t stare

and as my eyes meet his, a subtle grin appears.

He turns and walks away,

away from all the shouting.

I unfold, outside my box,

shrieks and gasps and cowering.

I revolt them with my color

tinted so unnaturally.

The sea of people parts before me,

my quarry still in reach.

I calmly stride into the sunlight

past the curtains hiding various curiosities:

my three-headed peers.

The unhappy members of the audience

forget about their refunds,

and follow me in awe, with trepidation,

hoping to see another trick.

I catch sight of the stranger

moments before a corner hides him from my sight,

I find an alley to the left,

and find him waiting

where I planned to intercept.

He extends his hand,

he doesn’t even shudder

at the texture of my skin,

as I cautiously accept,

and with a firm and friendly gesture of a shake,

the show is over.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Totally visualized this scene as I wrote it.

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03-31 Thoughts of a Puppet Master


It’s not exactly that i wish to make you suffer,

it’s just that open minds are easy to control.

Your thoughts are begging to be given some direction,

so I gladly step in when the owner isn’t home.

It’s so ironic, that while you are flying in your private sky,

free to go wherever dreams will let you, I can sneak inside

and leave you stranded in your vision. Your body is my slave.

I can make it do my bidding, I can force you to behave.

Sit, that’s a good boy. Assassinate, here’s a treat.

Sleep, that’s a good girl. Bring my foes to my feet.

Just like a great invention cast aside with neglect,

without this power, I would still make my demands

and watch as servants faithfully deliver

everything into my hands.

Fool, do you really think that i would recollect

all your little contributions?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

No, this isn't my point of view. . . Either my train of thought was cut off, or the villain himself will be cutoff by some hero once this is incorporated into its proper story.

For the record, considering the similarities, I wrote this way before I saw "Gamer" with Gerard Butler.

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03-17 Just Listen


I know you don’t think much of me.

Don’t object, you know it’s true,

and that’s okay.

Just let me get this off my chest.

I don’t care how you live your life,

that’s all you.

Everyone has to decide that for themselves,

but here’s the thing.

When you come around here

to my house

around my friends,

your own rules don’t apply.

This is my house.

Most people don’t know that,

cuz they don’t need to.

You haven’t been listenin to authority here,

so now I’m lettin you know

the buck stops here,

like they used to say.

Out there, you can be your own man,

but here,

my rules and their rules apply.

You know what our rules are if you pay attention,

it’s in the way we interact,

how we treat each other and aim to get others to treat us.

I’m not gonna give you a list of how you’re supposed to act,

I ain’t your pops.

But if you care to, you can see it plain as a sheet of paper

If you can’t handle that,

this isn’t your place.

It could be someday.

It could be now.

It could be never.

Figure it out.

That’s really about it.

You can ask me what you want to,

or you can just get on your way,

or even come back inside, if you’re up for changin.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a monologue from a pseudo-cowboy in my still developing screenplay.

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Alone because

why am i sending away all the good guys? that is my newest thought

i figure it out after i send them away

one thought could be that i do not think i deserve a good guy in my life possibly, but i know i am worthy  so it makes zero sense

oh wait i know i just remembered why:

I am ready, but still married...

and i wonder if they all seek my body because of this

one told me he was God sent and i think i know everything ...

i know nothing and i operate from that lol

sometimes it's deeper than one might think, i wish the god sends would just see it

it is always deeper, but most people just see what they want to see putting people into a box that no one, them included, can fit into

we all do it too, but i try not to... i cannot believe that i do it still

I am taking steps to be clear and free, I have issues that i must address and feel like no one should have to deal with my mess

eagerness is a constant and feeling like i am at the brink of a new existence fills me it's overwhelming yet i seek to enjoy my space, my freedom and live....

i was once told by many on separate occasions that i had been created to start their new nations,

they coupled me off and set me to the side

until i was ripe and and could stand the ride

life is a sea of changing tide

and i decided i could no longer hide

i have been well groomed in the ways of all actions

and don't want to be doomed seeking satisfaction

i seek to be sought and i seek to be found

but i seek to be worthy of higher ground

what woman is worthy of a man who doesn't seek to understand his plan

what man is worthy of a woman who doesn't see her truly within

unraveled in thoughts and wrapped up in love

but i am alone since i am undiscovered

and surrounded by options of attaining a lover

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just some ramblings that made sense to me....

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Nobody's There

Nobody's there

like Nobody cares.      

I say something

and everyone just

sits there

and stares.  


Not really at me,

more so

just blankly.

I try

to help them

with something and

they don't try

to thank me.

Though I think

it is relevant

but they don't

seem to let me


Someone could

agree with me

but they

just never show.

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To No-One; You are my Everything

I knew when you said it, it was a lie, however unintentional. I knew it could not be; circumstances would not allow. Despite what you or I want to be, it will never change what is, and that...that just is not to be.

I hate myself for believing. I knew better, I really did. But in my hightened emotional state that occurs whenever my lonely mind chances upon you, I foolishly reached for you like a drowning man's hand, with clutching fingers, reaches to the heavens for anything that might pull him from his fate and finds nothing more substantial than sunlight and promises.

And like that drowning idiot, reaching for bright promises, my searching, grasping hand found no purchase and I slipped into my own misery without even my dignity by my side, feeling worse for needing what I could not have, for not relying more on myself.

Don't say anything. Don't...I should have collected myself, quieted my racing fears. I should have been didn't know that, did you? That I could be strong? I should have called upon my instinct for self-preservation and swam away from you when I had a chance...

And one cannot hold you blameless in this, as well, you know, so don't hold your head up so self-rightiously. How dare you? How could you tell me I could actually count on you? You fool! You had to have known you would not be there...Oh how I hate you!

I hate you for being such a damned fool!!! I hate you for being so oblivious. I hate you for being the romantic asshole always letting slip the words which stop my heart and break my will. I hate you because I can't stop loving you, because I'll love you long after you have forgotten what it was about me you liked so much, and don't say that won't happen...I'll hate you for that as well.

I hate you, most of all, because no matter how I try, even after everything, I cannot hate you, because I cannot find neither a reason nor the energy to hate you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To be honest, this is not an accurate description of how I feel and what happened.  I had to change some things because what I really wanted to do was give the same level of emotion out that I was feeling.  I think this accomplished that...

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more than forty





We would metaphorically beat our head against this lieberry wall in dashed hopes of grandeur making suggesstions to the suggesstion boxes.

Suggesstion One: Please stop allowing cell phones in the commons?

Reason One: when everyone is talking it sounds just like a beehive buzzing.

Reason Two: They think it's a excuse to chatter on them all day long.

Reason Three: It is just very plain RUDE.

Suggesstion Two: Iff the public is allowed and the students have the priority then make a public area with free computors where the students are not allowed at all OR?

Reason One: Where the Public has the priority and the students must leave iff we are busy.  

Reason Two: OR make an area of computer banks for PRINTING only because many of the STUDENTS just WANT to print something and leave.

Suggesstion Three: Make a Central Computor available only to the Charlax where eye can rest easier and not worry about that Student thing priority?

Reason One: Eye am a poet.

Suggesstion Four: Smoking area computors for the gamers so they do not have to smoke outside at all with little fans to blow the smoke away from them and out the little vents inside the wall?

Reason One: They run back and forth to the smoking area and leave the games running on the computors.

Suggesstion Five: Drinking area computors for the partee users?

Reason One: Eye have seen it all one man grabs a bottle from his bag and takes a pull like a winoe Joe.

Reason Two: They fill oranges with syringes and eat them to get drunk. Its unsafe they should have a place to set and drink the Vodka.

Reason Three: They put the beer in the Pepsi cans anyway.

Suggesstion Six: More ETerminals for EMAIL only?

Reason One: The ones you have are fine but there could be even more on the Fourth floor.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

DIALOUGE momolouge DIALECT category amazes me

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Snake of Birds (Lost Treasure's Collection)

Literary Passages

The Snake of Birds “Lost Treasures collection”

The world is ran on drugs, by political Cartels and we the hungry herds of sheep, by into the hype. Dimming our children, selling off our morals we all flock and run towards the drug store when some new medical pill has been discovered, only to throw bitch to the wind when one of the side affects may kill you!, Chemistry now that is a field of subject to get into, however math is almost a key ingredient in chemistry and I loath math with a passion but to combine two chemicals and get a completely different element.

One day someone will develop that one pill that will give someone immortality however with karma being like she is, the one side affect for that would be incurable Cancer, what the fuck you shoot for immortality only to die off in the long run. that is why I do not understand societies obsession for Pharmaceuticals. People will spend good hard earned money for crap they do not need, yet I cannot be a hypocrite and spew this statement without backing my own drug habit, for the most part my drug habit is natural!, a herb in my eyes not a Drug. A Drug by definition, is a substance processed in a lab, Then look up the word Herb, and you tell me which one it fits under the best.

The only true Drugs I take are Liquor, and Pills. I very seldom take any medication when I am sick however, unless I really feel like I am dieing, So I will let you figure that one out.

Stupidity fills the mind

in the darkness I am confined

This is your future

childish and immature

scared of everything that is pure

I have your cure, it's called a gun

'I don't hate you, I despise you

it's all because of what you do,

who you are and what you think'

you think you are better

ever since you got that letter

your life means nothing

trying your hardest to make it something

but you fail, only when you think your gonna prevail

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I entitled this passage "The Snake of Birds" due to Friday Nights little adventure

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To Rest

Personal World

I want to rest and sleep;
Not scratch and bleed,
Not fidget and fret.
I want to relax and meditate;
Not be angry and frustrated,
not upset and tearful.
I don't want to be angry because I'm scratching,
I just want to be calm
And be hugged.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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