Snake of Birds (Lost Treasure's Collection)

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The Snake of Birds “Lost Treasures collection”

The world is ran on drugs, by political Cartels and we the hungry herds of sheep, by into the hype. Dimming our children, selling off our morals we all flock and run towards the drug store when some new medical pill has been discovered, only to throw bitch to the wind when one of the side affects may kill you!, Chemistry now that is a field of subject to get into, however math is almost a key ingredient in chemistry and I loath math with a passion but to combine two chemicals and get a completely different element.

One day someone will develop that one pill that will give someone immortality however with karma being like she is, the one side affect for that would be incurable Cancer, what the fuck you shoot for immortality only to die off in the long run. that is why I do not understand societies obsession for Pharmaceuticals. People will spend good hard earned money for crap they do not need, yet I cannot be a hypocrite and spew this statement without backing my own drug habit, for the most part my drug habit is natural!, a herb in my eyes not a Drug. A Drug by definition, is a substance processed in a lab, Then look up the word Herb, and you tell me which one it fits under the best.

The only true Drugs I take are Liquor, and Pills. I very seldom take any medication when I am sick however, unless I really feel like I am dieing, So I will let you figure that one out.

Stupidity fills the mind

in the darkness I am confined

This is your future

childish and immature

scared of everything that is pure

I have your cure, it's called a gun

'I don't hate you, I despise you

it's all because of what you do,

who you are and what you think'

you think you are better

ever since you got that letter

your life means nothing

trying your hardest to make it something

but you fail, only when you think your gonna prevail

your soul hallow and stale

'I don't hate you, I despise you

your perfect little world

your pathetic little existence

My thorned resistance'

They say a moment of clarity is a rare and often over looked, however they can give someone great insight into their life, their own very existence. There is no bigger wake up call apart from death when a Man that has the power to revoke your very 'god'-given rights to live when they say 'You are not fit to care for yourself'. Now I will admit there are people out there, as sad as it is, People who cannot even wash themselves to save their life. But I am far from that, and as much as I fear getting the wrong reaction, I do miss the good old days back when the Roman's would do selective breeding, weeding out the less fortunate. I know Every creature deserves the chance to live, My problem is paying my hard earned money to the government who then gives it to these families who have a crippling relative giving him the world on a plate. Let the man, woman, or child live, But let the Parents or relatives be responsible for that individual. Call me harsh, call me Cruel or mean but its a Harsh world out there, and we are all caught up in the middle of it. To take away a man's freedom is to cage a Wild beast and let him die slowly, I once heard that somewhere and it stuck with me for the longest of time, America is not Free, Free is a word used by the content. Where the Government becomes your mother and father, wiping your mouth when you spill your food, Your Slaves to a system that no longer cares about Freedom, and independence, but rather of Money, Greed, and Power. a Political war where no Man wins, we all Suffer but the rich just move.

Conscience is our damnation

blood foaming like condensation

a pathetic waste of human existence

haunted by my own persistence

Trapped in a solitude of hell

I watched as I tripped and fell

the once beautiful rose has all but wilted away now

sitting alone, I'm asking myself how

crying inside, wishing for an escape

now questioning your own fate

'I hate, the pain inside of me

but I love, the way it makes me see

I hate, the thoughts in my head

but I love, the pleasures of it with that being said'

confound in this mad abyss

hating and loving all this

finding a sense of bliss

through all this madness

I'm now struggling harder to stay sane

easier to fall victim to this pain

suffering is all around

twisting the very ground

I see the pool of pain,

scared I'll no longer be sane

Forgive me father for I have Sinned

this will be my first confession

it's hard to believe in any of this

when your damned to begin with

struggling for every inch of sanity

all the while trying to keep my humanity

my thoughts alone would send me to hell

and my mind is my own personal jail

I spent two weeks inside the state mental institute, where I had a judge pound his gavel speaking those words 'I am unfit to care for myself' I had my freedom stripped of me that day, and I had a moment of clarity. I am not the crazy one, I am far from being crazy or insane, No I write about it a lot because I am the sane one, trapped in an insane world. Where one man who has no more standing in 'life' than you do can slam a material object down and take away your natural born rights as a Human being on this planet. I realized that day that I was sane, but it was odd through my drug induced coma I could actually think straight and the whole three days I was there prior they were shoveling pills down my stomach left and right. I don't remember to much of the mental hospital, like I have said over and over they were pumping so many pills down me I couldn't tell you what all I was taking. For two weeks I felt like I was in a Drugged out state, The sad part of it was since they had been pumping drugs into me for the first three days I was kinda out of it and probably did look like a desperate crazy person, but I remember those words as if they were burned in stone. So for two weeks I spent in the mental hospital I kept a notebook on me and Wrote, Most of the passages you read in this Tangent are from that notebook itself.

I can remember one night in the hospital, I was holding on a conversation with one of the staff members, it was right after I had taken my medication too, his Hair was long like mine, as we were talking my eyes slowly drifted down and I swear it looked as though his hair was braiding itself, I quickly shook it off and told him I was going to go inside, since I could not go to bed just yet, in a state mental hospital they tell you when to piss, shit, eat, wake and sleep. you have no rights when you enter those doors and I had learned that lesson the hard way.

The pain is to much

life is dead to the touch

numb to the feel

my mind you killed

Day and night

you were my only light

Why you, Why me

I just want to be free

Solitude brings in the most Challenging questions,

anyone could ask. Or even Possibly Answer

The pain is all to real

tired of it being all that I feel

wish for a little bit of Romance

Wishing for that last dance

Dreaming of it, Dreaming of you

but its of someone I don't even know

needing to fill a this endless hole

needing to mend a broken heart.

I'm a Dreamer, a believer

Wishing for her

a mystery girl, who holds the cure

you know just where to linger

you know you have me wrapped around your finger

you know I'll follow

I know your shallow

once you held me in your arms

I once fell under your charms

'I should give up

when you remind me I'm not enough

I told you how I feel

but that's when you move in for the kill'

I just wanted to die

but you had to have the killing blow

Never again would I feel that way

you walked out as I begged you to stay

'She's staring into an empty river

a Hopeless dreamer

a strong believer

holding on for all she's worth'

watching an eternity flow by

crawling inside me it begins to slither

As time passes we will all wither

theres a change in the winds

a new era begins

creeping past death

falling under life's last breath

waking once more, while looking past that last door

  I probably would have had to stay in that hospital even longer if my friend and Ex girl friend had not shown up to 'bust' me out as it were, But through it all I don't think I would ever give up that experience in my life, for the benefit of that I had received when I got out was far greater than the damage of that place (or so I hope) I learned many things from my Ex that I could not have asked for, my Life has drastically changed for the better on many things. She had truly opened my eyes and made me take a double glance at this life, however all good things carry some dark trappings, for my fear is that not of death, but for a weakness I know I have, Many of my friends know this weakness. But each day passes my judgment because more vague, am I spiraling out of control, am I aware of this? or Am I just over reacting, I know I will never step foot into a rehab center, that I am afraid would bring back unsettling memories of the past, I have a feeling I am just over reacting from that night I oded on Somas, a lesson I have yet and do not intend on repeating. A Mistake I have realized and intend to correct.

  I remember A day when I would swear off pills all together, I wouldn't even take asprin for a headache, one of man kinds worst inventions that has to be also his greatest at the same time, a double edged sword if it were would be the Pill, a small capsule that you pop that changes, releases chemicals in your body that reacts with your own natural chemicals, that causes a chain reaction setting you off in a 'trip' a Mild sedative, here or there, a tranquillizer for when you really want to numb your senses, Some use it for its intended purpose, Most by normal societies terms would abuse these drugs, this pill. however in my eyes Abuse is a bit liberal and open, For me to abuse you must first exceed your limit, Over Dose. Every person's body is different, one asprin will not work the same on every man therefore two maybe required. That is the same with every and all drugs, Illegal ones as well I don't care who you are, All 'Drugs' were first created and designed with medical intentions, Some just had negative reactions and research was abandoned.

In a World of Suicide, and premature births, a Society can only function with thought control, Terror holds a Country at fear, a sadistic game played by the wealth of the nation. President's ideals, Dreams and goals even morals bought off by the highest bidder. So much pain and cruelty in this world how does a man justifiably ban a herb that subdues the Violence and Anger, calming ones own discontent and flouted. The Government will rob people years of their life, their freedom for a plant that is a natural 'god'-given herb.

I Hide inside myself

tired of getting hurt

when I gave it all and still did not work

I would have given her all I had,

all I was worth, just to take her hand

a single kiss sent me in shock

because in that moment in a single thought

everything I had dreamed of came true

do you remember, can you see it

in our past, in our memories

it's our own private documentaries

our dance under the moon

that ended too soon

staying warm by the fire

So much pain behind one beautiful thought

because it was my heart you had caught

I feel so damn helpless

a tormenting thirst for it's bliss

to taste it's sweet kiss

in it's perfect little form

pounding down on my heart like a thunder storm

always haunted by the one thing I'll never have

Every time I close my eyes

I see her standing there

as if it were the first time I saw her

I can't help but stare

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I entitled this passage "The Snake of Birds" due to Friday Nights little adventure

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