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2013 Thru These Old Eyes

Thru These Old Eyes

Rob Boyte

December 8, 2013


Thru these old eyes

Looking at you

So young and fresh

I forget my own age.

Forget wrinkled loose skin

And thin grey hair.


Thru these old eyes

I see only your youth,

Your smooth supple skin

Over firm strong muscles

Thick hair on your head

And a hairless chest.

White teeth as your lips part

In a disarming smile

And the sparkle in your own

Young eyes.


Thru these old eyes

Looking at you

I see the beauty that was

And long to touch it anew.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Again, just feelings expressed as poetic prose, my being enamored of young men.

(The last stanza rhymed accidentally)

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A sexy parody on Andrew Marvell, "Coy Mistress"

"Although the moon may stand, shading the sun,
powerless, impotent, both Nature and Time.
No thunders shaking the mighty sea,
can rend my Mistress' soul from me."

We SHALL Have Time Enough, All Worlds Ended.
O, love, on dreams we'll fly and float suspended,
our life and dreams fulfilled, and also Love's,
rehearse our love with schemes as sweet as Love's.
I'll find you, for in your soft abode Love waits.
Our love -- so true -- defeates Time and Place.
With strong strides strong Romance arrives.
Even the moon succumbs to us ... even the tides.
God is Love, and Man's love is of the same Virtue.
All of emotions, gains and losses shall build us true.
So let us love in Perfection, or as we can, the best.
And promise always to be our hearts' all-truest.
In Time's twilight, all are laid down at Time's final close:
olive-branch and thorn, the lilac and the rose,
At The Dawn Of The World Newly Created,
We SHALL Have Enough Love, And Never Be Sated.

When you are my Love and My Mistress.

Though seeming to sleep, my joy swoons, awake!
"To sleep" does not mean "to dream" - - better : take
my glance, your touch combined in Love's embrace.
I ply your lips apart, reach and seek more of your face!
This heat is more than blush; it's Ardor's bloom.
Our eyes fill, each with each, like air this room.
Our love paints; in our art we share total bliss,
two bodies, part-for-part united in grace, like this;
for truest Love -- delayed -- is not Love denied.
We share on Eros's and Aphrodite's couch, unified.
The frail male's devoutest wish: find, touch, taste
the moist pallet and colors of his heiress-artist,
Eden's second seed. Life's easel holds the full canvas
of Love and Life and Joy completed in this.
Spring Song Of Fresh, Glowing Dew
Flowers of My Flesh-Heart Bloom For You.
"Love me, for I have truly and long sought you!"
Love, I have been rehearsing, my youth through;
Those may have been my own words, so concise:
now our soul's song says Love is our choice!
This rapture is transcendent, mutual, sweet!
Wonderful Effluents; simultaneously, they meet !
O, trade enervating warmth, while pulses groan;
one soul, two hearts mount and gain Love's throne.

Spring's Song Glowing In Your Sweet Dews I See,
While Your "Mistress-Flower" Flows Sweetly For Me!
Your pink rose, white heat, the trembling, fearsome blush!
O, Love, I need your passion's pulse to shatter my soul, SO MUCH!
Bowing and rising, assenting to your plea and coax,
delving, lighting, loving, finding treasure in your cloaks --
you enveop me, my heat and sweet, sweet, soft surging strokes -- !
Your graceful body kneels, descends, intensely invokes
of my grateful stem, heart, core, caves, all trembling!
My mind goes into your desire, and me into your swirling,
captivating, pure, white-hot pulses groan, beat as one,
in two souls. We each mount and gain Love's throne.
Love, come; one strong, fiery pulse drives this heat.
Only Lovers' souls can know this intimate treat!
Your body's graces knead, stroke, fuel our sweet,
shared adoring; our passions pure, full and complete!
I always knew I heard the faint, soft voice --
seeming to flow out from the heights of Paradise --
that it is your fair heart's sweet song!
Such music, soft, sweet, chorused, practiced long,
We writhe, two souls, mounting, gaining Love's throne.
Freely we love, because Space and Time are gone!
For we shall have World enough, beyond Time!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I read Andrew's original, got a warm feeling
inside and all, and THIS is what came out!

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This Kiss


                       THIS KISS!

Your vision fills my heart; you are my dream;

you answer my heart's prayer and my mind's scheme.

Ours is SUCH love to see!

And our vow is simply this:

our sweet kiss!


In peaceful sleep close to my warmth you rest.

I stir, then trace your arms, your thighs, your breast !

Ours is SUCH love to see!

Your limbs are fair, pure bliss,

and we kiss!


Your bounty fills my needs,  I breathe your air,     

all senses flood to sweep away all care.              

Ours is SUCH love to see!                                   

Our charms are full and sensuous;              

as we kiss! 


No promise, sworn vow, tryst, or common oath;

this Love-vow is what holds between us both.

Ours is SUCH love to see!

Heaven's joys we will surpass

with this kiss.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A Valentine 

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