Love joy

Little Girl

Who Am I?

Great smiles she possesses,
Her sterling beauty lacks nothing, 
Her heart is pure as gold and white as snow, 
Her voice is strong enough to cure her mother's diseases, 
For it moves mountains of her burden, 
For she whispers sweet nothings and grant her mother's exhilarations, 
Little one with valour and of virtue, 
What more could her mother ask for? 
For she extricate all her mother's burdens,
Little one! Little Angel, 
A messenger from God, 
To keep us very elated.
©31 August 2017 - South Africa

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Four W's

who you are

is my inspiration

what you do

is what i want to be apart of

where you are

is where i need to be

when you smile

my heart skips a beat

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You And I

As long as there is Heaven and Hell
Together forever, we will be.
I see in your eyes, that my heart never lies.
I protect you from all harm

The way I feel for you is oh so real
It will not change this is a one time love.
And for that love of you, Anything I would do.
Inside my heart ,,,I have yours with key,

Your my home, Your my house, I want you with me.
All the way. When you hold me tight. In your arms I feel safe.

Even when the world is over. We'll still be together.
Holding on. Loving and kissing all the way.

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I Want Your Love

I want your love
I want to share with you
I want to be the one for you
I want to be your first hello
I want to be your last goodbye
I want to make you happy
I will take away your pain
I will walk with you
I will stand with you
I will not leave
You are in my heart to stay
I would love to hear you say
I love you My Angel
I always will
I want your love
It means so much to me
I dont think you know how much
I truly love you!

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