long ago

voices from the past!

Voices from The Past



As I lay here and cannot sleep I hear voices and see pictures from so long ago

And missing you wasn’t heard of yet and I could come to you with eyes aglow

I remember what you sounded like, but it's been so long I hope it will last

Yet your wisdom and love are in my heart with those voices from the past

I will cherish the time you gave to us and know your love was always pure

We were never rich but had enough of that you made abundantly sure

Many times, you said to us that when you were gone we’d have each other

My siblings and I are the lucky ones to be born to you both and not another

I know up there you are waiting for us all the while you’re having a blast

It makes me smile to know you’re in no pain and can hear your voices from the past

One day when I too leave this world I won't have to recall those things anymore

Because I will be with you walking hand in hand passing right thru heaven’s door

I want to have more than these memories and pictures that are fading too fast

It will be grand to see your smiling faces instead of voices from the past


Miss you mom and dad!!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this one a few years ago after my father passed away i just wasnt ready to share it yet!!!


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let me see your eyes,
I’ve not seen them
since that far off sunrise.


Let me see
your brown hair,
let me feel it
between my fingers,
touch the strands
with finger and thumb.


let us laugh once more,
let me see you walk
in the long grass,
by the pond,
sitting and watching
the ducks swim,
listening to the birds sing.


Let us watch
until the stars
become dim or die.


my long ago love,
I was sad to hear
of your cancerous death,
your too soon demise.


let me see your smile,
let the sun sit
in your shade
for a while.


Remember that first kiss?
That embrace,
lips meeting,
us close,
face to face?

That summer
after school,
sitting in the tall grass,
us alone,
bright sky,
a steam train
going by
to some place,
us talking,
by another's grace.

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I met you in the long ago,
Constant and sincere,

Standing in the shadows,
Waiting for, to hear.

Approached you in the
Just before the early dawn,

Again in the evening,
When the dew, had
left the lawn.

You have always been there,
Emotions to fulfill,

Standing in the shadows
you have,
And always will.

(c) copyright heather burns

Author's Notes/Comments: 

you have and always will..

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