The Lion Doesn’t Sleep Tonight

His eyes 

Dulled by years 

Of iron bars and cold hard ground 

Paces in circles 
Looking but never seeing 
Past the cage that holds his soul 
First one way 
Then another 
Worn, torn and beaten by time 
While those who come to look 
And gaze at this king 
What a magnificent beast 
What a beautiful animal 
But all that really remains 
Is a coat of skin 
And sad shrouded eyes 
Pacing day and night 
In never ending circles 
First one way and then another

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The Banquet

The Banquet
Written By:
Andrea García and Andres Cruz

Once upon a time there was a mouse named Mike who lived just beside a restaurant with his brother Pablo. Mike was so excited that his brother’s birthday was coming up that he decided to give him a big surprise party by preparing a huge banquet. He started gathering food a whole month before his brother’s birthday arrived there was enough for the whole world. He was going to invite all the animals. Mike spent many time getting everything ready for the party. Finally the day arrived, Pablo went to work on the morning and meanwhile Mike went on a walk with his friend Petunia the rabbit to finish the last details for the night, she was helping him buy flowers, balloons and decorations. That night animals started to arrive to the huge celebration. The dogs, the rabbits, and the birds… everyone was there except for the lions that apparently were running late. Pablo arrived and he was so happy and surprised, they were all having a great time until the lions showed up. By the way they opened the door everyone knew something wrong was about to happen. They started by destroying the decorations and they ate all the food but they were still hungry. They complained there was not enough food for them, that they wanted more. Mike got very nervous and didn’t know what to do. All of a sudden, one lion got very angry, he grabbed Mike by the tail and ate him. All the animals were struck by what had happened; they had never seen an animal eat another. They were all scared and tried to run away, but it was useless. The lions were all around the animals. There was a huge mess. After 2 hours of lions eating the other helpless animals, there was no one left, but them. That’s when they realized they had nothing left, no food and no friends. They got very desperate just by the thought of this. They started fighting because they knew their meat was the only thing left to survive. The days passed, and the hunger was growing. Until one day, they couldn’t resist the hunger, they knew this was going to happen at some time, they got into a fight for their own meat. Their fight ended 5 days after, on a huge massacre, which left only 1 lion alive in the whole world. This lion felt sick at the view he had. He could see all of what remained from his dead friends at his feet. He was alone in the world, no one to talk to, no one to share anything with, no one to be with. He was like that for a week, feeling lonely and sad. He got sick and no one could take care of him. Until some days later he simply died from sadness.

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