life and death

Life and Death

Unrhymed Poetenry

Breathing indicates life,

Death is the absence of it!

We do not breathe in fact,

It just happens like the air!



An afterlife there must be,

Those who say- there is no hereafter,

Are the ones living in the cave,

As those of the prehistoric ones!


Life on earth for 60 years plus,


Does not make any sense unless there is afterlife!

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Tick tock I look at the clock

One second to be born

Tick tock I look at the clock 

One minute to breathe

Tick tock I look at the clock 

One hour to grow

Tick tock I look at the clock 

One day to be alive

Tick tock I look at the clock 

One week to be in love 

Tick tock I look at the clock

One month to be broken hearted

Tick tock I look at the clock 

One year........ to wait for death to arrive

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The Living Ones Make Merry while The Dead Sleep

The living ones make merry,

While the dead sleep,

In the deep,

Of the earth serenely.


Will they awaken,

Because of the noise made above,

By the ones whom once they did love?

Will they ever be shaken?


Perhaps or perhaps not,

It seems to be beyond my thought!

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So subtle the fume of life designed
our God, whose love we are all confined
Created a man who was one of a kind
 He walked the path that God assigned
and further found none so thick entwined
then in James, whose light
could strike you blind
 He lit a spark on the world that shined
built a monument of words for all mankind
The beautiful moments you will rewind
With days of your youth fresh in mind
In the power of memories he will bind
And as you travel, his steps will be aligned
Along heavens ledge he'll look to find
And watch over the ones he left behind


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Spirits in Heaven


Tomorrow as beginning -- a future untold

creation of wonderment -- their lives' to share

Pledged in heart -- spirits entwined

forward with dreams -- love always there


Suns each in rise -- bringing days to years

untouched by  time -- endearments strong

Forever beside -- with clasp of hands

each giving all -- carrying them along


Wake of moons -- cast by night

eyes that witness -- which heaven bears

Ones who follow -- mirrors of souls

shadows to self -- the future's heirs


Babes in cradle -- teetered for while

bundles of wonder -- making the home

Past now gone -- memories shine on

parted the children -- own roads to roam


Tomorrow as beginning -- a future untold

filled with wonderment -- lives to share

One to other -- pledged by hearts

forward their dreams -- love always there


Together in age-- final memories fade

sun to rise - brings last goodbyes

On  wakened  moon -- a haloed  light

both dreaming forever-- through angel's eyes


Mother to children -- eternal through time

father as always -- strength in kind

Arms of comfort -- a whisper away

looking toward Heaven -- their spirits you'll find


© C.E.Vance

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my grandparents. Gone for many years but never forgotten.

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cycle of life

a new member of a family
born with nothing
just with a smile
with a truth of reality
no lies, nothing to hide
keep going with funny days
sometimes want to run away
from those sessions of life
sometimes want to flash back
those sessions of life
never ever get
when those days of happiness or
of sorrow went away

why we sometimes want it or
why we sometimes don't?
why with deep agony
we feel this is we and our life?
just know the one thing
those who leaves empty footprints
never going to meet us again
never get it
every time it happen
after a while
keep going, keep running
with our fickle-mind
with our fake faith and hate
burn in a flame of our lies

at the middle time
perhaps we get the right direction
but we get into our hesitation
for the future
for our past
we don't know
when we entered in our own world war

this is just a beginning
ending will be fine
that sweetness of old
will act like a gold
and shine for our goal
will come back
from where we started
no lies, nothing to hide
this is a cycle of life

Author's Notes/Comments: 

common cycle of life involve hate, love, lies and a lot more

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And by the graveyard on a hot afternoon,
I spent some time praying for the dead,
Then I got up slowly remembering,
This is how earth and sky get wed.
A sense of abandonment was vividly visible,
Very few were there to pay their homage,
To the ones who were no longer to return,
The words being spoken or the tears being shed.
"This is how the world is O Naveed!" My heart whispered,
And I nodded my head reaffirming the age old wisdom,
That what we have is just some time to do good and enjoy,
Before we too are caught and thrown deep, feet and head.
Then I felt an angel flying beside me quiet closely,
It conveyed to me its message telepathically,
"Sigh not for the mortals, for it is of no use,
"Do good for yourself and the ones you cannot lose.
"It is your good intentions along with your good deeds,
"That will make the tree of goodness reach high with roots deep,
"O you wise poet, hasn't Christ come and told you,
"How to live here and how to prepare for what lies ahead?
"So expect not anything from anybody on this planet,
"Nor from anyone in the sky above, except Almighty Allah,
"This is, O Naveed, the secret of contentment,
So, season it in yourself and sigh not, or lament...
(Written and posted by Muhammad Naveed Ahmed/Emmenay on May 4, 2011).

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