Visual Pulse

Feel the injection

the color explosion

whisked images from corner to corner

scratched into the surface

ravaged from the mind's eye

impregnanted into the fertile world

spreading from eye to eye

copulating through your tongue

tangling on a entwisted journey

a visual enticment

lovling stroking your inner soul

carressing your temptation

leaving a vicious feeling




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Do you like? I haven't written anything in a long time. Enjoy.

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Show me...

when you close your eyes

you break your promise

sprinkling pleasure

tingling passion

fumbling your words




under a curious eye

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's been awhile, I don't know if I still have it.

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She Smiled!

every morning when I wait

for the train

and there you are

with that sullen look on your face

I be wantin to squeeze every

last nerve to at least say hi

but you keep your eyes locked in your paper

could she failed her exam?

her man mistreatin her?


late for work?

I don't want to assume

but why does a creature who possess

so much glory and essence

look so down

I guess I'll never know

as she will continue to carry

that look of shallowness

to my sky

as my train stop approaches

she stands and approaches me...

Oh shit! She has something to say...

I bet you're thinking she wants me, right?

Woman: Um, sir. You just dropped your magazine.

Ant: Oh.....thank you.

(womp, womp, womp)

But she DID smile though. LOL.

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climate control

little bird

i want to take you

to a moment when

summer crosses

your thighs

a muggy endeavor and

a freshly mowed lawn

images that have

their own meaning

back ground noise is

the tigers game on the radio

tracing dirty tattoos

across your hips

then tracing outside

that line up

giggling and pulling

you back to me

cool, clean sheets

that are tomorrow's


hung on the line

feel of a breeze

similar to the breeze

that filters heat

from our mid-

life glamour

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to devour you



and who expected it

you lifted your leg

up in the tarty vertical

porn flirtation

i probably breathed in

for 82 seconds

i'm still cooling down

behind the computer

with a bennett's and

tonic night cap

it presents that

situation where i have

forgotten the meal

but continue to gnaw

at the potential

of delight

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gourmet alcohol


i like it at midnight

when you walk to your car

and all is quite

the summer haze whispers

like memories of your kiss

kisses on the sofa

on the second floor of an old hotel

with stories that never stop

drinking micro brews and discussing

your weight watcher points

tonight i dream of tanqueray and

making love to you in positions

that never get in the way of your cast

the gentle fold and spindle

there is some curfew i am breaking

and there is the danger that any sound

could  be  your mom coming down the stairs

the pleasures of gourmet alcohol is fleeting

but the haze makes angels of street lights

putting a halo around each and takes flight

into your warm embrace

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Steel Serpent


The many sectioned snake

crawls through again,

gates drop down,

lights of warning flash,

cars wait in long line,

as snake slithers past.

Closer now, I am wary,

lest it jump its track

and strike my way,

for its bite is lethal

from venemous fangs of steel.

Right there in front,

I walk in its direction,

yet I hear nothing of its hissing

from ahead,

the sound coming from my right,

bouncing off mountains

as its head moves into the valley.

Its low belly skims the ground,

spitting sparks of heated anger

rumbling earth with traveling hunger

as it feeds on rails swallowing them

like rodents.

I watch as it passes,

then coils

into the distance.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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"Supreme, awe inspiring, sense of grandeur"

A vast shadow crosses the land.

A shadow of a giant, a giant few can conquer

Many men tried to conquer her.

This giant with a name so simple unique none would dare call it.

The giant's shadow crossed the plains.

She was only surpassed in size by her brother who always stood next to her.

She stood night and day and breathed the clouds themselves.

Her size is not even larger than her beauty though.

The men who tried to conquer her was only to breather the same clouds she does.

One man dared his life to conquer her for only he knew her name.

He trained and prepared for months, years even, though it felt for a lifetime on the back of her brother, though he was larger any could conquer him.

Our hero knew his battle with her would be long and tiresome, but he also knew he must do it alone.

He had to prepare for all and be strong.

Her legs posed only their steepness, her torso was none but beauty to give false hope.

Her face is where true horror lied, her beauty would cause any man to fall and her breath was as cold as her heart.

The hero spent days at battle with all she had.

Once he reached her head he knew to worry for none returned from there.

Much like the tales of horror her beauty was more than any could imagine.

At last he made his way though her white hair.

He felt the cold hair between his fingers and knew his journey was near an end.

The clouds tasted sweeter than any thing before.

This giant though deadly was our heroes lover for all the time he spent dreaming of her.

As his dreams came true at the peak he was the only one who could speak her name.

On top of the mountain of no name, in the winds and the snow our Hero could only speak one word while staring at our world.

With his last breathe he spoke, "Sublime."

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there is the softness

of rabbit fur

or the breath you


after that kiss

that meant something

that kiss that tells you

maybe i should be playing

this romance a little closer

to the chest

maybe i shouldn’t chew only

on the edges of the lettuce

or let that be a start

that takes you to the center

of the pleasure garden

in that frenzy of harvest

and not run in a circle

to cross the scent

of excitement

leaving the kiss

in a dizzy dismal

of desire

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