"Carebear"   4 - 16 - 09

if i thought Teddy knew it all

i'd talk until stuffing thin

of answers and release of anxiety

i stare into a stare

of pairs and wannabes

there is a place to bide

though he's only of a fairer

omnivore of hugs and kisses

he fights fidgeting to a calm

a bear of great care

warming with a stare

eyes watching eyes hide

flinch, snicker or dissent

this 'nova neva did tell

lips affixed by sunken-silk

a deftly sealed vault

with eyes that shine

the diamonds of my sealed tears...

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-unfinished and uclear-

tell to me oh blur of thought

why the butterfly strayed

i know i was coccooned

in a warmth i naively craved

to feel the flitter flutter

trails of dust in eyes

i matched a pace unseen

as i said farewell

after the bombs of betty blast

i know that all seasons do indeed pass

all ive known has a shade of remorse

that follows the days worst course

the brooks and peddle-ponds of mist

conspired to weigh-down my best

with soupy air and ----

i lost my butterfly ----

Author's Notes/Comments: 

completely unfinished

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The Ancient Ones

Hooded mysterians of legend

Cauldrens of boiling mass

Concocting spells of good and evil

Among tall stones and trampled grass

A conglomeration of bearded ones

Spread fear across the land

Scores fall by sorcery, one by one

At their perplexing hand

The ancient ones claim knowledge

By incantation and torch light

Chanting is heard for many a mile

Time pushes forward the unholy night

At beginnings of a breaking dawn

The elders move away

Among their peers and rivalries

To hide another day

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A picture of Stonehenge led me to write this, wondering what went on at that location thousands of years ago.

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فيصل على سليمان الدابي : المعلقة السودانية موديل أوكا

الـفار فرفر في الفـروة

شابكنا يومـاتي فـتاوي!

كم أرنـب جوه الطاقيـة

مستني منـديل الحـاوي!

الحاجـة اليـوم تتحـرم

وينكتلو علـشانا شـباب!

تتحلل في اليـوم التانـي

ويـقولو لي ناسا حـباب!

الجـن من جنـو اتجنـن

واتعـوذ مـن الـجايات!

والهـون رفـع التلفـون

في لحظة ضرب البليـون!

والهـم واقــف طابـور

         من تصبح ما نلقى فـطور!

الفــات فات لف اللـفات

فـي جـيبو الكـنجالات!

من مافـي ركب العربات

جالوصو أصبح صرايات!

والفـلة وقعت في البـير

محروسة بي كم خـنزير!

لا محاسب لا كشف حساب

لا ذمــة لا إقــرارات!

الحالـة بس زي الطـين

في جيبـنا مافيش مليـن!

وأي سـعر أصبح سعران

ما بـنقدر ندخـل دكـان!

والسـوق أصبح مطلـوق

وأي قرش أصبح ممحوق!

يا حلـيلو زمن الضـيفان

ما بنقـدر نعـزم إنسـان

على فطـرة بمـوية فول

لا جبـنة فيـها لا زيـت

لا سلـطـة لا طعمـيات!


بترولنا بى نسمـع بيهو

بس منو ما ضقنا ثمـار!

العـائد أكـبر مجـهول

وتوزيعو ســر الأسرار!

أفتــونا يا مـدنيـيـن

ورونا يا نـاس الـجيش

لى جدادنا ما نلقى العيش!

لى غنمنا مافـيش برسيم

لو جعـنا بس ناكل نيـم!

كم ليلـة القـوى بتناهو

وأصبحـنا زي الحطبات!

ورسوم راجياك بيـجاي

وجباية حارساك بيهـناك!

على راسك تدفع دقنـية

النبكة مقسـومة مـعاك!

وضرائب حولك تتـحاوم

لو تجري تلـقـاها وراك!

التـور ذاتـو يحلبــوه

الأرحم عهــد الاتـراك!

باى باى سوولا رسـوم

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River Styxx

Watch the Black River rage

Feel the muddy waters flow

To carry my soul away

Wherever it wants to go

You want to understand my mind

But are misled by the words

You watch me float the River Black

But are unable to see the other worlds

The dark water swallows it all

My soul drowns misunderstood

The water fills me up with darkness

Numbing feeling and hiding good

I'm sinking down to the bottom

The river's noise covers my screams

Dark sounds that float my spirit away

To that place of deadly dreams

Though the sun is beating down

I find the water still flows black

A strong current pulls me on

Black rapids keep me on this track

Could I float myself to Heaven

Or will I find my soul in Hell

I struggle to keep my head above

But am pulled down to a watery jail

Black liquid enters my mouth

And slowly fills my mind

Leaves emptiness in my heart

A loneliness I can't define

I can smell the river in the night

Like the cold fear upon your skin

Hoping it will go away

but it flows from deep within

You want to know where the waters go

But will never tame its dark might

You cant face the river I swim in

It'll carry you off into the night

And then you'll end up floating facedown too

Yeah, we'll both just float along

Black waves gently rocking our soul-less bodies

Maybe then you could understand my songs

Downing beside me in the River Black

Your soul washed clean in the dirty flow

Your spirit pulled to the darkest depths

Then you would know the things i know

Was it always meant to be like this

Cryptic code played out in song

Does it matter to any of us in the end

If I can take the darkness on

Wont you open your mind to my message

Try to understand the things I say

And throw yourself into my river

Before its black path washes me away

Author's Notes/Comments: 

What this is truly about is my thoughts and inspiration for what I write.  It would be very difficult, I feel, to figure that out without me saying so, but that was intentional.  The point I was making was that I felt it was near impossible to make a mental connection with people when it came to my writings.

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On the beach wandering

I picked up a shell.

With my ear to its mouth

I listened to its tale

of days long gone

when full of youth and life

it thrilled to the freshness

of ocean currents.

Ah, youth!

The strong tides

of hopeful vigour

throbbing with waves

of enthusiastic strength.

How I remember

that surge of energy

pounding in my veins!

With the sweep of time

tides have beached me

on shores of sandy age,

drying in the sun.

Pick me up and listen

for I will relate for you

the echoing memories

of salty youth.            

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A very lovely weed grew in

a garden full of flowers

thinking "all the world will look at me".

It felt so very beautiful

standing tall and proud,

holding out its bloom for all to see.

Opening up its petals wide

it basked there in the sun

enjoying life on such a lovely day.

Sharing in the glory of

the cultivated flowers,

part of all this beautiful display.

Soon the gardener came along;

weed saw him and rejoiced,

imagining he'd smile down in delight.

As the man came nearer

it spread its leaves out wide

hoping hard to catch the gardener's sight.

Alas, indeed it caught his eye!

The man bent down, but then

to weed's dismay he scowled, put out his hand.

It closed around the pretty weed,

tugged it from the soil,

left him dangling far above the land.

Lying on the rubbish heap

its pretty bloom all wilted

weed realised his error far too late.

He should have grown with other weeds,

remained where he belonged.

He'd not have had to suffer this sad fate.

Don't be a social climber

for it never works out well,

be happy growing with the humble weeds.

Not trying to shine with flowers

in stations up above.

Be satisfied with just your daily needs.

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Through the midnight bush

he sent his wild cry

ringing across the valley.

As the full moon listened

it stirred faint echoes

of other wolves,

bygone feral progenitors

whose howling song

entertained the

ageless moon

in times long past,

ancesters whose

hoary paw prints

track back down

through centuries of time,

dissolving into an ancient

dream-time of antiquity.  

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And his life started all over again,

His essence turned pure,

His thoughts vacant -

The canvas was white…

A player of colors he was -

A painter,

Best of the best.

His brushes moved like performers in an arena;

Hues dancing around,

Merging to render his thoughts,

The deepest of his emotions

Portrayed by the blues and the greens.

And they turned into the shades of red one day:

The spark, the passionate zeal -

The soulful blaze;

Flying unto a bottomless mystique,

A changing kaleidoscope of emotions,

Reaching its peak,

Bursting into a culmination…

And his existence started-

All over again;

His essence turned pure,

His thoughts vacant -

And the canvas was white.

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