"Supreme, awe inspiring, sense of grandeur"

A vast shadow crosses the land.

A shadow of a giant, a giant few can conquer

Many men tried to conquer her.

This giant with a name so simple unique none would dare call it.

The giant's shadow crossed the plains.

She was only surpassed in size by her brother who always stood next to her.

She stood night and day and breathed the clouds themselves.

Her size is not even larger than her beauty though.

The men who tried to conquer her was only to breather the same clouds she does.

One man dared his life to conquer her for only he knew her name.

He trained and prepared for months, years even, though it felt for a lifetime on the back of her brother, though he was larger any could conquer him.

Our hero knew his battle with her would be long and tiresome, but he also knew he must do it alone.

He had to prepare for all and be strong.

Her legs posed only their steepness, her torso was none but beauty to give false hope.

Her face is where true horror lied, her beauty would cause any man to fall and her breath was as cold as her heart.

The hero spent days at battle with all she had.

Once he reached her head he knew to worry for none returned from there.

Much like the tales of horror her beauty was more than any could imagine.

At last he made his way though her white hair.

He felt the cold hair between his fingers and knew his journey was near an end.

The clouds tasted sweeter than any thing before.

This giant though deadly was our heroes lover for all the time he spent dreaming of her.

As his dreams came true at the peak he was the only one who could speak her name.

On top of the mountain of no name, in the winds and the snow our Hero could only speak one word while staring at our world.

With his last breathe he spoke, "Sublime."

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