A very lovely weed grew in

a garden full of flowers

thinking "all the world will look at me".

It felt so very beautiful

standing tall and proud,

holding out its bloom for all to see.

Opening up its petals wide

it basked there in the sun

enjoying life on such a lovely day.

Sharing in the glory of

the cultivated flowers,

part of all this beautiful display.

Soon the gardener came along;

weed saw him and rejoiced,

imagining he'd smile down in delight.

As the man came nearer

it spread its leaves out wide

hoping hard to catch the gardener's sight.

Alas, indeed it caught his eye!

The man bent down, but then

to weed's dismay he scowled, put out his hand.

It closed around the pretty weed,

tugged it from the soil,

left him dangling far above the land.

Lying on the rubbish heap

its pretty bloom all wilted

weed realised his error far too late.

He should have grown with other weeds,

remained where he belonged.

He'd not have had to suffer this sad fate.

Don't be a social climber

for it never works out well,

be happy growing with the humble weeds.

Not trying to shine with flowers

in stations up above.

Be satisfied with just your daily needs.

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