Something's not right in the world it seems

I've been thinking to much about you lately,

And dreaming the craziest dreams

No I can't sleep.

When I close my eyes,

Your right their in front of me

You see through all my lies,

And know who I ought to be.

Still I can't sleep.

Every time I look around,

I see yet another clown,

He looks for things that will never be found.

He won't know the joy, the pain, or the sound.

That's why I can't sleep.

A silent incantation, a move of your hand

A truth to your misrepresentation, like a snake shedding its skin

Yet, you saved me

Yes, you saved me from me

Do I really know what I have?

I could never leave it be

You turned this boy into a man

You wont let me (sleep).

Author's Notes/Comments: 

el dun

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you wiped a tear from my eye؟

i lay here in a nightmare,

were im tourtured,

i cant get away,

look at those around me,

wishing i could find you,

were are you,

i start to cry but i hear a voice,

it says dont cry im here,

here with you tonight,

were its comeing from,

i dont really know,

im awake now,

im in my bed,

i look over your by myside,

u kissed me softly,

as i looked into your eyes,

u wiped away my tears,

u told me not to cry,

i smiled as i wraped my arms around,

we layed back down to sleep,

i whisperd into your ear,

i love you so much my love,

so dont cry tonight,

im here with you now,

im not going any were my love,

i kissed the back of your neck softly,

and wiped a tear from both of our eyes,

im yours and yours alone,

i love you my beloved and i always will؟

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Behind the Earthen Door


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Her master's hiding from the light,

behind the crypt doors of oak and hinge.

She's been caressed with darkened lust,

hunger for his touch burns within.

Watchful eyes will keep him safe,

from those who would cause him harm.

Enemies who fear his dominance,

over the ones he has pierced with fang.

She is but one in a long list of subs,

who have tended to him over the years.

One day her time will quickly come,

when he drains the last bit of her love.

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Fairytale ending made of candy coated glass,

A transparent view inside.

Deeper thoughts melt through the pores.

Destination lurks in solitude.

A meaning of reason and knowing.

Knowledge of what tomorrow brings,

That today can never, will never be the same.

Internal change.

Tears cascade from dried up eyes,

Watering death crusted rose beds.

A fountain of eternal youth,

Dried up and long forgotten.

No cure to prevent aging.

Moving forward a single step at a time,

Living only for a single moment, a forever pause,

Forgetting long forgotten pasts.

Where is the hand of searchers?

Pulling us from the graves we've dug too deep,

Made for ourselves in one bound, one weary leap.

Hesitation before looking down upon our own soggy remains.

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silently apom this barren land؟

night has come to fall,

dimly lit by the moon light,

darkness all around,

my tears fall silently,

onto a barren earth,

were life is all but there,

my blood flows threw my vains,

looking for away out,

tears of blood i now cry,

for this moon light gound,

i weep apon,

my tears creating new life,

a tear falls for the ones i have lost,

the blood rolls across my lips,

down my face to the ground,

these tears of sorrow i never cried,

thses tears no longer i can hold inside,

my tears fall freely now,

to this barren earth were i am bound,

i no longer walk alone,

i have u here with me,

u showed me its ok to cry,

u gave me a shoulder to cry apon,

my tears no longer fall silently,

ur here and u always kiss them away,

u know why i cry,

finaly someone understands,

for now my teasr wont fall,

silently apon this barren land,

my tears fall were u catch them؟

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A Pantomime Experience

You can't disappear

Without evidence --

It's a pantomime's


In water you surface

Or discovered

Someplace else!

On tracks or rails,

Your cut-up body

Leaves a trail!

In your very own

---Your home,

A spirit will roam!

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a eulogy for white

At night, I see them creeping:

the vestibules of white.

They shake the limbs

of bleached-blonde trees,

all colors fond of

a quick, sweet release,

and white-smocked curtains

may keep the ghosts at bay.

Above the reach of light they wait,

the shape of cut-out dolls,

and dream of human beings

with their technicolor speaking.

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Dark Soul

As black as the night

An answer out of sight

But if you look out right

You'd find, you just might!

Like a child born on earth,

Questions emerge from birth,

Answers there may just flirt

Clearly you begin to unearth!

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Child Of The Night


Who am I but a shadow of the night,
A ghost whispering sweet nothings in your ear?
Who am I but a thought passing you by like dust in the wind?
You turn your head the other way when I am near.
How can you know me, when even I don't know me?
Do you dream the same dreams I do?
Who am I but a teardrop amidst the rain?
A nightmare come true?
Do you hear the sweet nothings I whisper?
Or do I pass through your mind?
I am a child of the night,
The one the day left behind.
You pretend we aren't real-
That only you live the right way,
But when night called me home, I followed.
Now upon your neck I prey.

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