Gothic Light


Within the darkness I see a light-

The light of the Goths, burning so strong.

Burning like the flames of fire-

Like blazing red sparks of Gothic light

Flaring in the darkness of night.

In the shadows the light of the Goths

Shows me great and powerful things;

The power of the healing goddess;

The power of everything the Goths send forth-

All that the Goths send forth-

Before me I stand.

Yet into the darkness I see

The shadows  of the deep-the deep

Of the total, but yet, unknown.

The unknown of the darkness is calling me;

Calling me unto the deep of dark light.

Unto meeting this darkness I hear

The voices and light calling me to them;

Calling me to the air of the dark.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this dull poem today. I dunno why I wrote it, but I did. Ah well..

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here--in my head.

in this world

i made my mold and

filled it full of the oceans

but you didn't realize

that i came

to you with broken

wings like a sparrow gone

under the bullet

and i just forgot to care

here i was lost

in the river beds

which i had robbed

inside my head


the angels fell to

become the snow you wanted

and yet you

melted it down

corks are high

confetti's up

cerulean smacks

into my train

ran out of time

ran into hell

ran on the boulevard

in satan's town

here i was lost

in the river beds

which i had robbed

inside my head

here i was lost

in the river beds

which i had robbed

here--in my head

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Here. In my head." is the title of a Tori Amos b-side.

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Forbidden Desires


Dark prince, is this what it is like to dwell


In the silence of the velveteen night

How do you last for all eternity


Greedy with such sweet forbidden desires

And I who fear to follow you

Clutch tightly

To the soft tender throat I hide

Waiting in the shadows everywhere

Seeking life

To sate the hunger in those burning veins

I hear the sweet refrain of your vile song


As you prey on their mortal innocence

And I who want to follow you

Breathe deep

In the aroma of your lust

I thirst as you gorge on this dark heady wine

The blood

Surges upwards to your wet greedy mouth

The power over my mortal life is

Your love

It please you too well to wield this prize

And I who will not follow you

Will remain

Hidden in the shadows of night

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The vampyre mystique

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Gothic Voices


There are voices that only I hear-

The voices of the other Goddesses of Goths.

No one else can hear these beautiful voices-

I can tell when they're in distress because

They talk in a dark and mysterious way.

I can tell if they're okey when their

Voices are completely normal and happy.

The voices are always telling me to not

Do anything daft to hurt my life.

They worry about me and don't want to lose

Another of their own kind. They care

And their leader, the Healing Goddess,

Cares about all of our kind's well-being.

She doesn't want to lose the best

Of the goddesses, me, the Fire Goddess-

I'm important because without me,

There wouldn't be flames or fire.

I hear the Gothic voices everyday,

No matter what tone of voices are

Saying to me-I could care less.

I hear them and no more questions asked.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this one day and was hearing the voices of the goddesses of Goths. They were talking to me and eachother. They were whispering something. And I was writing down all sorts of stuff in my head when this poem came into mind.

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Step into my world,
Step into my life,
Become as I am.
But know there's no turning back.
Dream my dreams.
Live my lies.
Think my thoughts.
But know there is no escape
I am what I am.
Will you accept me?
Or to you am I just a myth?
I can't change my destiny.
Perhaps I am here-
Merely to serve as a warning to others.
Step into my world.
let the darkness embrace you.
Let to sorrow consume you.
But know there is no turning around.
I'm a shadow in the light,
A ghost in the night.
Your fantisies are my reality.
Your nightmares are my dreams.
I feed on your emotions.
Your sorrow is my joy.
Your tears make me smile.
Step into my world,
Step into my mind,
Feel the insanity,
Hear my screams and cries.
There is no escape!

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Invading Darkness


Darkness invades the day,
All light fades away
Demon screams echo the night,
Little children run in fright.
Darkness invades my soul.
Creating a black hole.
The Beast- it lives in me.
There for the whole world to see.
Darkness invades the land-
Taking over just as it always planned
Save your soul from the evil fate.


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I knock at your door

Just loud enough to hear

Let me in.

See me as I am.


Welcome your fear.

I am the hate that dwells inside of you

The malaise you feel

You’re about to scream.

I am sinister.

I rise from your left invading your right.

Producing malice that rages in you

Make my only intention…

My desire…

Make it true.  

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Piercings are the only way

To eliminate any form of decay--

It's unpretentious and bold;

A kind of clothing for the outside cold.

Circular or a stud,

Whatever jewel you may have had,

Unbeknownst to many, what fad

Intensifies yet shuts out blood!

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Vampires Last

The bitterness is cold,

But it soothes me.

My angst is my solitude

I am forever purged…

Living in solitude.

I am here aren’t I?

Like some soldier whose

War goes without wage.

I fight demons upon

A purple sea

That cuts me with its

Filed claws.

I scream, but only

My solitude answers.

I cry, but my eyes

Are swollen and

My tears find no crevice

In which to forge.

It is the emptiness that

Resides in my soul

That fills my veins.

I haven’t tasted the

Sourness of red

For weeks now.

My body lay limp

With exhaustion with

The inability to conform

To mother natures will.

Something begs me

To live and my

Only wish is for it

To die,

So I can join it,

Meet in a happy

Communion with my

Last breath.

What or who gives

Me this life?

My solitude finds me

No answers.

The circles on this floor

Are wearing thin.

I can’t walk them anymore.

I’m drowning in my

Purple sea.

The demons fail to

Laugh and mock me.

This death is ironic

Wishes only come true in


I toast my happy ending


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