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indianapolis, indiana USA

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photography, graphic design, tattooing, hiking and having a good time

name: ask and i may tell
eyes:brown but they change depending

some things about me:
im a very gentale person most of the time. i like to spend time with those i trust. currently in a great relationship
some more things:
first of i love graveyards i love to be in them all the time,
i love to sleep in them its so peaceful and protective,
i love the energies that r there and the spirits as well,
im a very kind person when i chose to be,

im crazy,
i love to write poetry and draw,
i love to go walking at night and in the rain,
i am many things to many people but i will not go into that here,
i am a very mysterious person i hate to show my eyes,
im one thats always alone unless im with the few people that care for me

i love to be in the woods at night and in the day because its darkin there in the day also its so peaceful,
i love it when i can be alone in the night or the rain,
they say its better to have loved and lost then to never have loved at all well i have been threw it and i was lucky enough to get my love back

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hard to do this but its small and ive been told it is cute for some odd reason

Favorite Stuff (poets, poems, quotes, hobbies, etc.)

A fallen angle more beautiful then death its self a tear of blood shed as the heart breaks but does not climb slowly for the life made eternal by a fallen angle,,,


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