food poison




I feel like I've dipped

into the most vial parts of me

I don't appreciate who 

I've presented myself to be


am I really untrustworthy?

am I really tactless?

am I really so insensitive?

my answers seem to be yes




who am I?

how am I to overcome 

this disgusting side of me

I don't like her... I judge her


this giant ego

that takes over reactively

blinding me so I can't see the truth 

when it's standing right in front of me


Ego writes this now 

to degrade me

and I allow it

to come crashing in on me


I feel sick

I am sick


stricken with the worst kind of pain


I think I know what it feels like to be

and it's awful


no one should ever be 

subjected to such misery

yet I've endured it 

knowing that I deserve it


allowing that kind of behavior

that I don't respect in others

so why do I give myself a free pass?


perhaps I don't 


I became ill

severely ill


and I don't believe 

it was just food poisoning




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