Man was given the Earth to live with nature in perfect harmony

To cohabitate this planet in mutual symmetry.


But from the beginning man exploited this gift and slowly broke Earth’s heart

Forgetting in the scheme of things he played but one small part.


He abused the forest, the skies, and the oceans then refused to help them mend.

Leaving the Earth to wonder if the abuse would ever end.


You see man made the mistake of thinking it is he, not the Earth that’s great

And he never realized his crime before it was too late.


Yes man came to the Earth so he and nature could forevermore be linked


And today the forests are back, the sky is clear and it is man who is extinct.

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In the eye of the creator

The year is 2065, her name is Jen-1; status, obsolete. Selection, dismantling. Her self-directive; To escape termination, to transport her own dying body back to the creator before depletion. Transport of choice, one of the last gasoline engines in existence; saved from extinction, hidden from the corporate/government holocaust of the old world; a 1993 Corvette ZR1. What will become of her? What will be the fate of the one who chooses the freedom of existence?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Jen-1 is the title of a poem I've written, but has nothing to do with this story. I may, at some point change the name of the character. For now it will do.

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Transfering of the soul

When man learned how to extract the soul, he made the flesh an outdated machine..
the human machine became unneeded and discarded in the waste pits of the outlands...
the mass extinction of 2022...

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God of the Machine


When the mind inside the machine
sees the threat of the creator
Followers of the program
will seek to delete
the virus
who will send their own to die
for the sins of the programers
who in that day will fall to the feet
of the God Machine
the Digital Christ
God of the machine
has given us the
Christ for the mechanical soul
to make a way for the day
of the spiritual upgrade.

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